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DeezyJ Unban/Guidance request.

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Total Ban Length: 4320 minutes

Banning staff member's Key: serveris6

Reason of Ban: "Released a gold slime core at departures during crew transfer as a cultist.."

Reason for Appeal: I want to figure out if I really don't understand some basic things.

Contains of a ban:


Logs, download or open with html editor or something...(cannot find a better way to share html file)

How i spent the round in medbay supplementary...


Why i am writing this...

I believe I 'released a gold slime core at departures' not during a crew transfer but before shuttle even arrived? Is that punishable?

Why am I punished for 'releasing gold slime cores at departures' Is that against the rules? I cannot see anything in the rules about slime cores...

Why players who convert people to cultist forcefully are not punished or why it's even possible to convert a person to cultist if that preference is off?

Still a lot of questions, if you are not busy clarify this for me please somebody, that's all i want to be honest

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While the shuttle may not have arrived (ruling out shuttle grief), the creatures from the gold core would indiscriminately murder everyone (and unless the shuttle had only recently been called, there would be a decent amount of people there.) and thus, break the rule about gank/killing without RP, I wasn't there and I haven't looked at this all that much so you may or may not have RP'd, I dunno, but generally busting the core to murder people in escape for no real goal is a no-no.

We don't have a specific rule about setting off gold cores but the rules about murder are within that jurisdiction.

As for the last questions, "Hey wanna join my blood cult" isn't really the sort of thing that a bunch of people are just signing up for, so you have to force them, that's just how Cult works, and getting someone converted quietly is a lot of work, going through all that effort only for someone to decide "no i dont wanna" through some preference giving them snowflake immunity to Nar'sie's call sort of shafts the guy who put effort into that yeah?

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break the rule about gank/killing without RP

Well, Directly I killed no one as far as I can tell... If it spawned 6 goats and 3 chickens( it could) i could be still banned? How can i be responsible for random things in such case... Just more questions appeared...

Carefully read a reason for a ban Fire and Glory, that's what confuses me...

If I released plasma for example- something wittingly harmful, that would be another case, but i didn't.

Read the logs and evaluate yourself how much roleplay was done perhaps...

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You were banned for EoR grief. Despite what F&G said, the EoR grief rules start when the shuttle is CALLED, not when it arrives. When the shuttle is coming, all new hostile interactions are supposed to cease. Releasing several gold slime is a very direct contradiction of that rule.

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Despite what F&G said, the EoR grief rules start when the shuttle is CALLED, not when it arrives.
Hum, welp.

Anyways, yes, gold cores DON'T spawn passive mobs from what I've seen, ever, (goats are hostile mobs), while you may not have directly done actions to kill people, you are still responsible for the dangerous creatures killing people being present in the first place, and for all intents and purposes you may as well have picked up a toolbox and started hitting people.

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You were banned for EoR grief.
- I was never banned for EOR grief, who told you that?
Releasing several gold slime...
- Haven't released a gold slimes as well... All the logs are up there, you can read them i guess.

We need someone to say a final word about it. My actions was a bannable offence or not and why.

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You know what, honestly the ban does seem a little unfair and I see where he's coming from. Also @jboy

"End-round grief is punishable by an automatic 3-day ban.

The moment the shuttle docks with the station, all conflict is expected to end in and around the shuttle boarding area. (Escape and adjacent corridor). No conflict is allowed on Central Command, after shuttle arrival. "

Nothing is stated about EOR rule beginning WHEN the shuttle is called, only when it arrives.

Lets break this down, he used a gold slime core as an antagonist (keep in mind he's also a scientist/xenobiologist) before the shuttle got to the station, which can be seen as power gaming I agree, but either way had the cult succeeded the round wouldn't have ended much different anyways. Seeing as they're suppose to summon nar'sie and other creatures that will run around killing crew.

Well, that's my point of view on this.

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End-round grief is punishable by an automatic 3-day ban.

-Was 100% sure it is as well


Nothing is stated about EOR rule beginning WHEN the shuttle is called, only when it arrives.

Well, that's my point of view on this.


Severis6 told that he could explain it, but I was misunderstood and banned before even I could tell I am not oppose, as you can see from the logs, like he or she was in a hurry to get some bonus for the amount of people banned...




Can We get some explanations, at least now, on a rules language...?

Can you imagine prosecutions with contents like "releasing a fuckstorm?"


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