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[RESOLVED] Staff complaint - Natwhite

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BYOND Key: Filthyfrankster

Staff BYOND Key: Natwhite

Reason for complaint: Trying to force roleplay/ what seems to be under the excuse of 'rule violations', when there isn't any rule being violated.




Additional remarks:

For the story:

I board as HoS into a three hour round, and with it, A fully loaded ERT is onboard to clear out what seems to be a manifestation of auto traitor and people walking around with multiple captain level ID's, people are dead, people are scared, and I was confused and it appeared to be code red.

I gear up with what I can, the ERT members give me a rather shitty explanation on what happened, and I'm still confused as hell. The code drops down to blue and a crew transfer is called, I follow around an ERT member due to still being barely briefed, and once the shuttle finally arrives, I follow an ERT member who appears to be escorting a badly damaged Cheshire, who I heard about earlier, was breaking into someplace, and the ERT member was escorting them, UNCUFFED and to their shuttle. I follow on and board the ERT shuttle with,1) knowing I won't really have time to make it to departures to catch a 'transfer' shuttle. 2) I'm confused and refuse to travel alone after this fuckfest including dead people in the armory, even if I am CIATOUGHGUY HoS. I need to protect my neck.

Once we arrived at Odin/CC, Chreshire placed what seemed to be a fuckton of traitor gear on the table, how funny. (This isn't about them, I'm just mildly shocked.)

I find the event more of an IC issue, If an ERT member told me to fuck off from their shuttle, which was an easy , less pain in the ass way to CC, I would of simply left without a single complaint, if I got reprimanded IC'ly by duty officers/ CCIA for Leaving crew alone on the transfer shuttle,I would of accepted that.

But the bwoink?

Was it really needed?

I asked if any note was going to be left on my record, and Nat said no.

But my paranoia says yes.

Those logs were all I managed to capture, but if an admin would like to bring up the rest of the ahelp conversation, that'd be great.

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No, there are no notes posted against you from this event.

And Yes it was boink worthy if there's multiple people pointing out the fact that you were there.

And third, that was a suggestion, the premise you base this whole complaint upon is that I've punished you. Of which you were not after questioning and investigation.

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I'm breaking a rule by posting this, as I'm not involved. However there has been many times in the past where Heads of Staff or secure personnel that could not make it to the shuttle, rode the ERT shuttle back with the ERT. I see no reason why someone would be bwoinked over this. I also don't see a reason why a staff complaint is necesarry for a simple bwoink.

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After speaking with Filthyfrankster in Discord PMs, we came to a peaceful resolution to this complaint with a little bit of explaining. It is indeed an IC issue, but as Frankster was told in the PMs, from time to time, modmins may poke you can ask, "Why are you doing this? 'Do you have a reason for doing this?' and it by no means automatically asserts guilt upon you. Let the record show that no warning or even as much as a player note was logged by staff as a result of this.

At Frank's request, this will now be locked and archived, and considered resolved.

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