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I notice in medical records that there's a list for allergies that never gets used.

Like how you can adjust heart and eyes, and limbs, maybe allow people to be allergic to one thing? Not stupid shit (i once saw in med records someone allergic to CARBON), but like food allergies, maybe flowers, maybe dandruff from pet characters, or maybe some medicine (like spaceacillin (a gloried penicillin like allergy)?

Maybe to cure the allergies if it gets too severe there can be a new chemical in chemistry called Epinephrine, which is made from Hyperzine and Inaprovaline mixed together, and you just need to administer 5 dosage.

It would provide challenge probably and make you more mindful of what you eat.

It's a stupid idea I thought of last night while drunk, but is this even something to entertain?

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I would support this, but in the mean time, for basic things like Food allergies and pet allergies, best you can do is RP it, I used to do it. :P But I ended up stopping for some reason though.

It was funny, my HoS/Sec char was allergic to pet hair, and thus, I made him sneeze around Tarjaran chars. xD

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I think allergies would be a real nice thing, especially with stuff like food, spaceacillin and bees. One time I even saw, if I remember correctly, someone who had a character allergic to cryo fluid, imagine how funny it would be shove someone in a cryo tube to save their life, only to have them die moments later of anaphylaxis.

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I think it would be a nice idea. Food allergies are cool, pet allergies would probably require some tricky coding, and should just be handled via RP. but we have to be careful not to include allergies to medicines for which there are no alternatives. While it'd still be up to the player to fuck themselves over by making a character allergic to dylovene or alkysine, it'd probably be better to just not include that option. Spaceacillin would be a bad idea, as well, since it's so key in an outbreak situation.

Medicines that should be Allergy options: Bicaridine, Dermaline, Kelotane, Arithrazine, Hyronalin, Dexalin, Dexalin Plus, Tramadol, Oxycodone, Paracetemol, Plasma derived medicines in general could be a fun one, Ethylredoxazine, Hyperzine, Imidazoline, Leporazine, Peridaxon Tricordrazine, Cryoxadone, Clonexadone (But not both!), Methylphenidate, Citalopram, Paroxetine.

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