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PEAR: Union of Engineers & Technicians

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"Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems." - Scott Adams

Who are we?

Welcome to PEAR, Protection of Engineer & Atmospheric tech Rights. We are a collective bargaining organisation representing the interests of Engineers and other Technicians employed by NanoTrasen. We were founded on Biesel in 2453 as part of the Mendell City dock-workers union and branched out into more of NanoTrasen's operations.

We currently have interests in extending onto the NSS Exodus in order to protect Engineer rights there along with securing much needed pay-rises and improved contractual obligations by employers. Our point-of-contact in the area is Matt Dalmer (Bedshaped) who first contacted us regarding a need for unionisation. We have been receiving information through him until such time as a local Union Leader is appointed.

What are our objectives? (as of 2458/07/06)

  • Advocate for pay-rises that follow in line of productivity & inflation
  • Represent and advise Engineers & Technicians who are required to interact with Sector Command
  • Recruit as many of the Exodus Engineering staff as are willing
  • Recruit Union Representatives who can protect and advise Engineers summoned to interrogation and interview
  • Vote on a local Union Leader


In general, the overall goal of our organisation is to make the NSS Exodus the best working environment it could possibly be.

How to Join?

Anyone employed as an Engineer can join PEAR. There's no application required; all that's needed to vote in elections is to present your Exodus ID.

To become a Union Rep you just need to fill out this form and place it in the discussion board below:


[b]Role volunteering for:[/b]
[b]Why you like to volunteer:[/b]
[b]Besides Engineering, what skills do you have?:[/b]
[b]Contact Information:[/b]


After our first recruitment drive to gain membership we will seek to elect a Union Leader. This will require a nomination and a second as set out in our constitution.


Current Leadership:

Union Leader

  • (to be elected]

Union Representitives

  • (to be appointed)
  • (to be appointed)
  • (to be appointed)
  • (to be appointed)
  • (to be appointed)


How to contact your local PEAR Rep?

Post in this discussion board and a rep will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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