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A theory.


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I like to think that somewhere, there's a NanoTrasen Research station called the Borealis. And it's the exact opposite of the clusterfuck that is our station.

Medbay is mostly manned by heterosexual males who wash their hands before surgery, don't make death threats, and never fuck in the patient rooms.

There are Uneth that have learned to function like people, and no longer walk around mentioning how much taller and cooler and deadlier than everyone else they are. There are also female Uneth.

No one says snide shit to each other on the radio, and in fact, people get along quite well.

Heads never give unreasonable orders, and subordinates don't talk back.

Security has a PTSD Recoverers group meeting twice a month, helping many security officers through the pain their terrible secret pasts have laden them with.

The chaplain is quiet, a moderate Buddhist, and willing to give counsel to everyone onboard. He also routinely makes sandwiches to give to the engineers for their hard work.

Everyone has received counseling sessions about racial acceptance. There are no racists on board due to this.

People with stutters are given help that allows them to overcome their speech impediment. Many employees leave the Borealis stutter-free.

The Captain is a kind, brown-haired women in her 50s, who is never to busy to sit down and discuss any number of things with whoever stops by the office. She also makes hot chocolate and cookies for guests to enjoy.

The bar only serves non-alcoholic drinks to recovering alcoholics. The shotgun has been replaced with a stack of self-help books.

The singularity has been scrapped, and a Green engine has been set up which runs entirely off of plant matter. The botanist supplies plants to engineering regularly.

Ambrosia Vulgaris has been legalized onboard. Station happiness increased by 90%.

Abusive coworkers are fired immediately.

Everyone gets a free hug upon arrival.

Post more attributes of this place. Because I want to dream, damnit.

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Personally I think a station powered by Nar'Sie is way better.

Balds are accepted for who they are, not what they are.

All balds are given 50% on top of promotional offers for bald polish.

Wheelchairs no longer hurt crew.

The Syndicate scrapped their infiltration missions and ascended into a baking business.

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