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Malak UNBAN REQUEST'th 23/08/2014

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BYOND Key: nickscv or Nickscv

Total Ban Length: Permanent.

Banning staff member's Key: casperf1

Reason of Ban: Permanently banned for a lack of roleplay as a drone and player.

Reason for Appeal: I've been gone for a while and I've actually gotten into SS13. Not that I am new to roleplay, I've been roleplaying for 4 years. I was just incapable at the time of seeing anything else then antagonist roleplay, so when I was sort of deprived of it constantly as someone who did not understand SS13 or the possibilities you had in passive, I decided to fuck around. Honestly I just want to jump on because I'm actually at a point where I am sick of playing on servers and seeing people fuck around, like I use to. I love writing and I've gotten into Sci Fi so massively now, it's fucking amazing for me. But what's not amazing is listening to incoherent twelve year olds attempt to /me or to see people abuse their positions/jobs to mess around on the server. Where I play most of the time I have to deal with idiots that almost make me not want to even roleplay, it's always incredibly awkward to be the only person /me'ing actions such as:

Michael Murphy hand raises up from his pocket, sitting down in the stool in a clad black suit, chest holster over it. His hand would dance around the glass of his drink, an invisible ring being only heard to him, but still music to his ears as the surface of his fingers made contact with the glass. He'd then grasp it with a soft grip and take a few sips, the bourbon inside the glass causing him to cough a little before downing it, his throat a little sore from the disease he had caught earlier.

^ I do that and no one responds, I remember coming here and I remember people did /me's. It's why I believe I NEED to come back, because I request progressive roleplay. I've had my fun with antag and I've explored roles as much as you can in terms of script, but roleplay... fuck me sideways a lot of servers lack it. Hopefully if I do come back, this place still holds to the standards I remember it in or perhaps better(You can only hope.). If I do come back Michael Murphy will be a new character, I will never antag or troll again, because I now see SS13 as the most fun game I have ever played, as opposed to whining about being bored because I didn't know what I could do with my job or the extent of what roleplay can do for you.

I'd also like to invest in some whitelists, if you have the ability I'll probably intend on donating. All I can say is I'd contribute as much as possible as a roleplayer to your pool, assist with possible roleplay design and make suggestions that are important enough to be posted on your forums. Also it's my birthday today :D.

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