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Incident Report - Dec 7 2456


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Reporting Personnel: Roy Wyatt (Final draft of report prepared by Detective Leo Wyatt)

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Atmospherics Technician

Personnel Involved: Isilithai Uaekis, Buthaynah Jawdat

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident: Central Primary Hallway - Dormitories entrance

Nature of Incident: []Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault []Misconduct []

Overview of the Incident: I was walking through the Central Primary Hallway, when the vending machine outside the Dormitories was malfunctioning. Officer Jawdat asked me to fix it. Another tajaran Miner was also present; they began hitting the machine with a pickaxe as I started fixing it. I asked them to stop and they did, but not before throwing a cup of ramen toward me. I ignored them and carried on with my reparations. Shortly after, Officer Jawdat ordered me to pick all of the products the machine had dispensed. I asked her where the Janitor was, to which they whispered in my ear, "At your mom's house." It should be noted that Officer Emmy Gray (accompanied by Commander Uaekis) was close enough to hear Jawdat's response. Naturally, this comment made me extremely upset, due to its originator being a member of Security. I proceeded to physically get a hold of Officer Jawdat to confirm what they just told me. They proceeded to get a bottle of pepperspray and utilize it against me in order to neutralize me. I ran away. After I had recovered my sight, I returned to their location (still in front of the vending machine) where I attempted to physically get a hold of them once more. Commander Uaekis then extended his telescopic baton and hit me in my left hand. The pain this brutal use of force gave me caused me to fall on the ground and bleed. Officer Gray then dragged me away from them, giving an end to the incident.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: Emma Godswood, Head of Personnel

Additional notes: Around a week earlier, Commander Uaekis (then Acting Captain) charged me of Neglect of Duty for simply being in the Medbay lobby during Code Green. I was talking to my friend, Dr. Phoebe Essel, when he and another Officer approached me. I decided to then head to the Bar. Once inside, Uaekis came behind my back and cuffed me after pepperspraying me in the eyes, without being told anything. He then transported me to the Brig where I was unjustly incarcerated. Code green states that: Crew members may freely walk in the hallways. Mr. Uaekis in particular has shown an interest in harassing me, specially when in the position of Head of Security.

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