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  1. Always been interested to learn.
  2. Unfortunately this would probably be abused to find antags who are talking a lot either because of kidnapping situations or just talking with someone else in a secluded room. Example: Example 2 Doesn't mean it will happen these exact same ways but you get the idea. This already happens with the handcuff SFX which is way too loud for anyone's benefit. You can muzzle those types of sounds with your own body and the environment around but I doubt that will be changed any time soon.
  3. Not sure if this the right thread but assuming it's still 25 telecrystals most of the other prices changes in here and the rest of the items already ingame cater only to robust players rather than allowing every type of player to get what they need in order to make their own gimmick interesting.
  4. The gamemode is not an issue. It's the players who cannot stand to be killed by an antag that is designed solely for hunting and creating paranoia who are the issue. The mindset of expecting 5 minutes of RP before the ling eats you is preventing the gamemode from achieving its true potential. Changelings are one of the few antags that should be allowed to gank any organics in order to become stronger and make the round more interesting for those who are still alive. Imagine knowing 10 people have disappeared and having to watch your back at all times. You got killed? Tough luck, now observe how your death affects the round or just wait 20 minutes to continue playing. Until people stop being butthurt and ahelping and the admins stop bwoinking lings for playing the gamemode I guess it's better to remove it and hopefully save it for events until it is reworked into something else, but that does not seem very likely.
  5. Just login in here to say I wish they hadn't been removed after just 3 days of discussion. Vox are a part of SS13 fond to me despite the feedback in this thread which I partly agree with, but in my head they were supposed to remain mysterious and annoying. Their design looked just as good as the other species and their basic lore was good enough to work with due to being rare as antags or merchants. There is a place for species which we know little about just like we do in nature. I think we should keep a space for them despite their flaws and while I'm not hoping to change anyone's mind I think there should have been better arguments other than "annoying and undeveloped" if they were going to be removed just 3 days after.
  6. Yes, please. Attacks from behind are something that would really add to roleplay and so many great shenanigans would come out of a 180 degrees cone of vision.
  7. Because it prevents it from happening in the future and ruining what could have turned out to be a great round. Ahelps don't matter when the deed was already done, and good luck getting everyone to void the powergaming incident and going back to before it happened. Leaving certain things solely to ahelps is like always leaving a car door unlocked with your belongings inside and never wanting to do anything about it until everything has already been stolen. Wouldn't you rather take the necessary steps to prevent the issue from happening in the first place or at least making it a lot harder to do?
  8. Can we add the probability of traitor+merc with this latest update as well?
  9. Name: Leeroy Wyatt Species: Human Age: 29 Date of Hire: 5/11/2454 Job Title: Atmospheric Technician Preferred Contact Info: 18/1/55
  10. You are right that I thought the door was dismantled through more careful means, but you were still able to break into the second most secure room in the station by yourself as a non-antag Security officer. This character is basically a tamer version of an Engineering ERT that can potentially break into and out of any place as long as they have a tool belt on them and I just think that is unacceptable from a character in Security. You might have been cleared to have these skills by a certain staff member, but as Garnascus admitted, this doesn't objectively make it acceptable because another member of staff might think otherwise. Edit: I know Omari didn't have to fight the turrets because the HoS was there with them so I am only referring to the secure door. But I am willing to bet that Omari would have fought the turrets as well (which is what a Sec officer would focus on and Engineering on the door), allowing you to potentially break into the vault by yourself.
  11. I am sorry if I misinterpreted your stance on this issue in our ahelp conversation and I understand the frustration. I would like the player in question to talk about how this type of security character with incredible interdepartmental skills is good for the server, specially during a merc round that involved mostly just Security and the antags, as it happens most of the time. Not only are most other players inherently left out of the conflict, but this character stole what should have been something for another player to do to be integral to the round. This also goes to cargo/mining/research characters who think they can fix space-proof windows and walls that in real life would require taking into account dozens if not hundreds of other factors that are not represented in the game in order to properly reconstruct or deconstruct the station's hull; all just because they have access to metal sheets and tools in their departments on a regular basis.
  12. BYOND Key: Keinto Game ID: bTu-aq2e Player Byond Key: [unknown] Staff involved: Garnascus Reason for complaint: Completely dismantling the door leading into the vault (one of the most secure locations and doors in the station if not THE most secure besides the AI's) as a 24 year old tajaran security officer, instead of calling Engineering for assistance. Behavior like this detracts from the spirit of the game, which is cooperation between different departments to accomplish a goal. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes. Garnascus checked their skills and employment records and ruled that this was acceptable, hence why I made this thread. Approximate Date/Time: 3/20/18 9:25 pm UTC-08:00
  13. I don't mind the shuttle being bombed or pretty much anything as long as it triggers the end of round credits, but then again, that will probably prompt staff to delay the round and talk to whoever messed with the shuttle in the first place. Sometimes it is hard for me, but I tolerate staff members delaying round ends to speak to a player who messed up so their roleplay and conduct on the server improves. What I am not okay with is anything that prevents the shuttle from launching from the station back to CC, be it command members delaying the launch for more than just a couple of minutes or the malf AI selfishly canceling the shuttle.
  14. Assuming the consensus is that people need to frequent the kitchen more often, instead of implementing this ridiculous mechanic what should happen is we should get rid of most vending machines on the station. This would make the kitchen a much more important department that for some reason was already surprisingly often staffed when they were pretty much unnecessary.
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