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[Denied] Ryder Pratt's repair tool


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BYOND Key: Jboy2000000

Character name: Ryder Pratt

Item name: Prosthetic Repair Kit

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Its a a kind of multi-tool he made at home to easily repair his and others prosthetic limbs.

Item function(s): Repairing prosthetic limbs. (Preferably both burn and brute, but one or the other is fine.)

Item description: A homemade looking tool to repair robotic limbs.

Item appearance: Id hate to make this hard on anyone, and since I can't sprite, a black and red (robotics colours) multi-tool would look fine.

Additional comments:

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Why carry a welder and wires around when you can have something small enough to fit in your pocket that can fix your hand just as well? OOCly that would be a simple solution, ICly, Ryder likes to use his hand more than the real one, and as such he wants to take care of it, and its not out of his nature to tinker and make things, so something he can use to better maintain his hand would be a no-brainer for him to want and make.

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See, there's an issue with it though. The point of custom items is that they're supposed to be something that you can create interesting RP with. If we want to take this to an IC standpoint, you would think that using a welding torch that NT cannot regulate would be the best solution in the case of the hand sustaining dents during work. Not only would he not have to risk losing his own tool, he'd also save cash in fuel.

Now, going back to the point of using these to create RP, tell me /how/ you could create RP using a welding torch? All I can think of is just shoving the tool in front of people's faces, all like "Look at it and ask me about it" because I don't see why anyone would even seem remotely curious about a dude bringing a welding torch to work. Why would your measly welding torch make people go "Oh, this guy seems interesting. I should talk to them." If their robotic hand should be able to do the job just fine?

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Whoops, I thought I replied to this an age ago, thats my bad. Basically, yes, it would be to just show around, throw about the idea to other people. Its something thats intended to repair damage to any limb like a welder and wires, but compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand (like the size of what I imagine the multitool looks like) and fit inside someone's pocket, coat etc, and he made it himself as a side project of home. Of course hes going to show it to his fellow scientists, or other people with prosthetics, not really shoving it in people's face, but sharing it with others to show off scientific curiosity. If he does loose it, oh well that sucks, but he can just go home and rebuild one, and thats just an opportunity for someone else to use his tool and helps themselves, it what he wanted anyway.

Edit: Also! Thank you very much for that lovely little sprit Susan, even if this is denied, thanks for taking the time to make that.

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