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[Accepted] PETOS

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Faction/Organization

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 5/NOV/2450

Region of Space:Tau Ceti (Biesel, Mendell City,) (New Gibson, Hengsha Arcology) Sol (Mars, Lowell City,)

Controlled by (if not a faction): N/A

Other Snapshot information:

PETOS has publicly denounced the Human Interstellar Interests Party and the Human Reunification Movement for their anti-xeno belief.

PETOS has also recently opened up a sub-branch called the TARF, or Tajarans on Adhomai Relief Fund, with proceeds going towards transporting Tajarans off the planet and finding them temporary places to live until they can find work.

PETOS is also largely credited with helping Tajarans gain rights to work as Heads of Staff for NanoTrasen, although they modestly say it was an overall effort by lots of different instigators.

Long Description:

PETOS, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Other Species, was founded in Mendell City in 2450, by Vivian Rival, Nar'an Tin'Ro and Sycso Meiz. (Human, Tajaran and Skrellian, respectively)

It was founded after Vivian came across Nar'an being beaten by human supremacists, she and another passerby, Sycso , were able to fight off the supremacists and Vivian, working as an EMT on Biesel at the time, was able to keep Nar'an alive until properly equipped medical services could arrive.

After Nar'an recovered, he payed a visit to both Vivian and Sycso, and the three realized they all shared a common belief in equal rights and treatment for all species. And so, they decided to pool funds and create PETOS. At first they started by distributing flyers, holding small talks at schools, and eventually managed to buy a small commercial space to setup their HQ. Soon, their organization was on the fore-front of the species' rights front.

The organization has four basic goals to achieve:

The equal treatment of all species and to a lesser extent, races

The equal representation in government of all species

Sol Alliance legislation protecting and ensuring equal pay and opportunities in the workplace

Raise enough credits to create a 'Discrimination Free' species shelter on Mars, Biesel and New Gibson, where specialized meals and facilities will be setup. (Pools for Skrell, solar powered 24/7 lit rooms for Dionae, Heat lamps for Unathi and special meat diet options for Tajarans.)

So far, none of their goals have been achieved completely, however, they have begun construction on a 'Discrimination Free' shelter on Biesel, however, they don't expect construction to finish anytime soon, and they lack the necessary funds to add every feature they would like.

The organization is led by two of the original founders, who coordinate rallies and meetings within their respective systems/projects.

Faction Leadership

Tau Ceti Coordinator - Sycso Meiz

Sol Coordinator - Nar'an Tin'Ro

TARF / Adhomai Coordinator - Izmai Rotello

Fiance Manager - Kori Wilds


Although not considered leadership, the following have been chosen to head movements within their respective companies, as their positions earn them a specific amount of respect and allow their voices to be heard.

Corporate Representatives

NanoTrasen Representative - M.D. Vivian Rival

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals Representative - Prof. Auriel Kidness

Hephaestus Industries Representative - Matt Wyatt


It's widely questioned why Vivian Rival M.D. didn't take a leadership position, which caused PETOS to lose presence in Epsilon Eridani, when asked to comment, she merely stated "I'm afraid that I have previous arrangements with NanoTrasen Corporate Conglomerate, and I don't feel like I have enough time to take a coordination position, but I look forward to spearheading efforts within NanoTrasen.'

However, she recently was presented with an award by the Republic of Biesel for her work in the medical field and species rights work.

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I would like to hear this organization's stance on synthetic intelligences. For instance, would these "discrimination free" shelters have places for an IPC to charge? Do they denounce the use of laws to bind a sentient entity against their will?


They haven't been able to afford such technology to support IPCs, and do to IPC's being a generally new thing, they haven't exactly been able to fight for their rights.

But they do have a stance.

Artificial Intelligence's should be treated fairly and equally. However, they do support the use of laws, as long as the laws are not overly binding of the AI.

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Seems okay to me. So long as you don't come onto the station as one of these characters and flaunt the fact that you lead a movement or something.

Also, "Fiance Manager - Kori Wilds"



My character Vivian rarely ever mentions the fact that she works for PETOS, unless the discussion about species rights comes up, and even then, she never speaks about her position.

The only time she mentions that she is the person spearheading the fight for species work rights under NT is during Rev rounds, where she uses it as a rally point to have xeno's join the revolution :3

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