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Nonhuman Species Integration Program (NSIP)

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Type: Organization (Branch of a megacorp)

Founding/Settlement Date: TBD

Region of Space: N/A

Controlled by (if not a faction): NanoTrasen

Other Snapshot information: -

Long Description:

IC info

The Nonhuman Species Integration Program is a NanoTrasen initiative first implemented in [year]. Following the outcry of certain xeno rights groups regarding the poor treatment suffered by non-humans in the galactic job market, the NSIP was put in place to serve as an opportunity for young and prospective Tajarans and Unathi to find employment among one of NanoTrasen's many corporate enterprises.

The NSIP exists almost solely as a PR move - in fact, the amount of Tajarans and Unathi that actually gain employment through the program, following a paid education sponsorship and a three-month multispecies integration seminar, is vastly disproportionate to the amount of applicants, and does nothing to actively address the lack of out-of-planet employment among skilled Unathi and Tajarans workers. Of the few chosen through the program's rigorous selection process, most end up being placed in high-visibility jobs, on lauded and renowned research stations such as the NSS Exodus and NSS Aurora.

OOC info

Tajaran and Unathi doctors/researchers/whatever shouldn't exactly be commonplace given the bias most humans (especially NT) seem to have against the two races, but they do exist. Creating some sort of NT-mandated workplace diversity program would give a lot of these characters an "in", to explain why they would be picked over equally (or even less) competent human candidates - basically, the Aurora is the shiny research front of NanoTrasen, and they promote a bunch of aliens in there as a PR move - not because they particularly trust them. The NSIP could help all sorts of characters, from Tajaran heads to Unathi doctors and researchers. And it makes a lot more sense than "he/she was so damn good that NT had to give them a job despite how much they hate xenos".

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

This would help a lot of characters, including my own. I've been talking to people making their own Jawdats, and a big thing is how dirty peasants would suddenly be working on an NT research station. It gives another 'in' outside 'bribery' or '[insert here]'.

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