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The ability to bind bundles (and other little library stuff)


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Binding bundles would improve the library significantly. For instance, writing out this..




Only to have this happen...




..Is infinitely frustrating.

Other small improvements would include adding option to choose what the book will look like when loading paper/s into the book binder, like you would when you change how pills/bottles look when using the chem master.

Another would be adding a noticeboard to the library - Libraries are often known for holding small events (book fairs, live readings, clubs, workshops, the list goes on.)

One more would be making bookcases constructable/desctructable so I can rebuild them and label them all as horror

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Yes, to all of this. And even if not to be used for the library, making book cases with wood planks. And as food the placement of the notice board, how about next to the doors of the library, on the wall closest to the hall.


That's exactly where I was thinking.

Also, I had another idea, but I seem to have forgotten it for now.

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