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SpaceBacker: Make a Miracle come true.

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Posted by: Catholic_Keener

Just recently a good friend of mine, whom Id like to keep anonymous, attempted suicide after all her money and bank accounts were frozen, along with other stressors such as breaking up with her boyfriend and finding out that said boyfriend's ex was pregnant with his child. Shes currently in critical condition on Biesel and on life support. The bones in her left arm cannot be fixed naturally, so a prosthetic has to be put in place, her retinas were damages so they will need to be equiped mechanical assistance, and her heart was damaged, so a high tech pacemaker will need to be out into place. All and all, the procedure to save her life will cost 200,000 credits. I will supply my own money that I have saved into this backer, but any money you people can give will be GREATLY appreciated.

Current Funds:



Backer Rewards

1-10 Credits.

Handwritten thank you note from me.

11-20 credits.

Handwritten thank you note from my friend.

21-30 Credits.

Personal thank you note from both of us, along with a picture diary of her process after surgery.

31-100 Credits.

Meeting with my friend and I at a place of you choosing, after she is mobile again.


All previous rewards, and a full refund after my friend is okay again, and able to work on her own.

1000+ (Limited:5 Backers.)

All previous prizes, even the refund, plus you get to choose a phrase or picture to be put onto her arm prosthetic. Remember her arm will be just as big as a normal human arm, so try not to go to crazy with the words or picture.


This is OOC things.

I didn't know if this has any place on the forums, let alone this being the right part of the forum, but it was suggested in game by someone that Keener make a SpaceBacker to help pay for her friends medical bills. And yes, everything from people who donate 1000+ will really be on her arm IC.

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