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On one server as Captain, I ordered my CE and the Engineering Department to construct a self-sufficient off station bunker for the Heads of Staff incase anything bad happened, they built all new solars for it, force fields, bedrooms, etc.

It was bad ass.

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I honestly wouldn't mind a random objective every now and again, that's coded so that it depends on the crew currently posted:

For example, if science is stocked, an objective should be to produce a certain amount of mecha or something.

While yes, any of this can be done in-game at the result of initiative, most players tend to need a guiding force, or something like that.

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Do something that would benefit the company. With this being a research station, you could possibly set research related tasks? (This does not restrict the idea to only the science department.) Look into structural advancements. Improvements which could be recorded and relayed back to Central Command. Practice out tactics which involve all departments besides security. After all, a good team is one that works together. One thing I would love to see in practice, is Heads of Staff (including the captain) having meetings with their staff. Look through their records. Get to know your staff. That's one thing I enjoy doing as it helps me interact with new players and helps them to feel more comfortable within this community. (Psst, it's also something that should be standard practice. Bosses/managers have meetings with their staff to understand what goes on and to gain information.)

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