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Dwarf fortress succession fort (bootlure)


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Dwarf fortress is a game were you bring seven drunk midgets to make a home in a mountain


I am making a succession game, for those of you that don't know, dwarf fortress is a game where you can either play as dwarfs, in fortress mode, or you can play adventurer as elf, human, or dwarf.




The succession game


  • You have one [ingame] year, OR three days to post, after the three days, you will have to post an extension post, or the next person will have to go without your changes/playtime.

    Try to minimize save scumming, play fair.

    Use fast dwarf command in DFhack ONLY for non-military reasons

Have fuuun!

List of people who are playing:






Wer6(done, expidition leader)

Syrus Seto

Bee York(done, miner(STONE PULVERIZER))

Mirko(done, carpenter(SHAPER OF WOOD))

Violet(done, STONE SHAPER))

Scarlet(done, farmer(GROWER OF PLANTING))

Katass(done, hunter(AQUIRER OF BUSHMEAT))

Xander(done, miner))

Crabby, Maker of flesh(Delayed, waiting for docter)

Haruspex(delayed, waiting for surgeon)

Chaznoodles, Maker of Fine weapons and Armor(delayed, waiting for smith)

NOTE: I am playing with this set: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=7622

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3rd, Limestone.

Today I got a book to write in. Might as well depict what happened..

Late in the year 49, the emporer ordered me, and several of my comrades to embark onto a mission to build a new mountain home.

Early, in the year 50, we arrived. http://imgur.com/R4NfZQH

We stopped at the lip of the mountain, luckily, we found it it was no mountain, for it was a volcano. http://imgur.com/JhTw2Be

I ordered the miners to mine out the basics, getting everything setup for the future of the fortress.

The workshops http://imgur.com/axofKfg

Dorms, meeting hall, dinning hall. http://imgur.com/pwLkfsV

After a few weeks, I ordered the platform of smelting to be built. http://imgur.com/D3Z1tQO

Around that time, I GAHT MAH KITTY CATS http://imgur.com/9jnNibL

The dorms were mined out, and put in. Throne room for me self is almost done, meheuehue. http://imgur.com/w2tzW7I

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Got it, starting now!

Unknown date: I finally arrived at Bootlure, and by Armok, it is chaos. Everywhere is a dead end, the bedrooms are next to caverns, and the trade depot is outside! We need to fix that, right away!

For the love of Armok, there are holes everywhere to the outside world!


Unknown date: We got a still up and running, before anyone died of dehydration. Praise Armok.


50/07/08: A migrant wave arrived. Let the chaos ensue.

50/07/13: Our Engraver has withdrawn from society. What could this mean?

50/07/18: Our Engraver came back into society with a new microcline bracelet artifact he made. This is not helpful. At all.




50/07/21: There has been a snowstorm. At least it gives us something to drink.

50/07/23: Our food and drink production is getting back on track. We finally have a metalworker, so our armour for our forces is being made.

50/07/25: The eighty-five stray animals are finally being moved to the Butcher's Workshop. Goodbye kitty, hello biscuits.

50/09/17: An uneventful few months. On the good side, the remaining cats have now been gelded.

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I'm a little busy right now, but I should be able to gun through the rest of Wer's year and my own year in the next day or two. Stay posted.

50/10/26: Everyone is dying off, because we have nothing to drink. The previous expedition leader should've brought more booze.

51/10/26: No, that is the food stockpile, that is not where dead dwarves go. Stop that.

51/10/26: We hit the caverns and water, though it's too late for some.

51/00/09: AN elven caravan has arrived. Fat lot of help that is.

51/00/18: Migrants!

51/01/17: Our bookkeeper was taken by a fey mood. Here we go again.

51/01/18: He made up a giant axe blade out of pig bone. I am done I am done I am done




51/05/02: More migrants. Into the military they go.

51/05/28: A gem setter withdrew from society. Is he going to give us something useful?

51/06/01: Of course not.




51/06/28: MORE migrants.

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The year is over, and at last I can return to the safety of the Mountainhome, away from this hell-spawned place called Bootlure. The only lure about this place is the masterwork lettuce leaf roasts.


Save is here. A lot of named dorfs are dead due to lack of any liquid previously before I hit the caverns, so don't be surprised if you're one of the ones in the tombs. I know I am.

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The 7th of Sandstone,51

Finally arrived at Coglektad, and the place is a mess.

Honestly can't see what the Mountainhome sees in this place.

But, somehow, I managed to get roped into the town council of the place.

Apparently someone misread Architect as Archivist, and put me down as the new book keeper.

The last one was actually just a really good Bonecrafter that got the job because they didn't have many bones.

Wonder if anyone'll notice if I slip in a few construction permits into the mix.

The 27th of Sandstone, 51

So, it started out simple.

Just a small forged memo from the Mayor to move all the Milita personnel and weapons into the half-built training bunker.

Then I fast tracked a few requests for more storage space on the workshop sector.

No one noticed.

Then I kinda threw in a massive hall complex as the center of a new district.

It's been a week, and work has already begun on it. The rest of the Council still hasn't acknowledged anything wrong yet.

The 23rd of Timber, 51

Work has been slow, but several issues have finally been resolved.

The ballista fortifications near the main entrance are being expanded for additional firing arcs.

The Milita's bunker now has several *very* pointed traps keeping out the unwanted intruders.

A new underground magma forge is slowly taking shape, using siphoned magma from the volcano's main vent.

The hall complex is underway, with planned wings for additional magma forges under the main tunnels, a Necropolis for the dead, and a new palace for the Mayor, more housing, an entire wing of workshops, and some massive stockpiles.

We also finally managed to get a basic hospital together, with a Surgeon called Haruspex manning it.

For some reason, the rest of the Council continues to insist on above ground farming and animal domestication to supply the majority of our food.

I've never-the-less managed to sneak in plans for a new underground farming complex nested in the secured area of the caverns.

While Plump helmet wine gets old after a few weeks, it's better then the rampant dehydration the older Council members complain of.

Still can't figure out where to put all these damn rocks.

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The 2nd of Slate, 52

Finally got around to completing the Archive backlog from the winter feasts.

While the feasting is certainly better then the great starvation of yesteryear, trying to Balance the books afterwords is not so pleasurable.

At the very least, we've gotten things together in time for the Elven Traders arrival.

Sold them a few trinkets for several baskets of their strange desert fruits.

The new Ballistas seem to have impressed them, and the new underground steel forge has given us more then enough ammo for it.

As for the great hall, work has been slow but steady.

The center dining hall is nearing completion, as is the Necropolis and the Mayor's Palace.

The Siphon forges and the new workshops have been but on hold while we work to get the main complex built in time for the summer feasts.

The 3rd of Felsite, 52

Two craftdwarves went crazy and sealed themselves in the Magma plat-forge.

Typical. It's not like we have a schedule to keep for the grand opening of the new district.

Also, apparently some Migrants arrived, all wide eyed and looking for treasure.

At least they can help carry the all rocks we have lying around.

The 16th of Malachite, 52

With the Beginning of the Summer Festivals and the completion of the Grand new Hall Complex, we welcomed another group of Migrants to our lands.

Or at least, I did.

The rest of the Council kinda either just sneered at them or weren't present.

The Militia Captains were all absent, due to some sort of situation down in the caverns that Seto had mentioned.

CMD Haruspex was busy teaching his staff how to break a child's limbs to treat their mild fever.

So it was just me, the Mayor, and the sleepy Broker around.

I should probably do something about Haruspex's teaching methods.

The 4th of Sandstone, 52

Almost been an entire year since I've arrived here.

Well, the main-hall of the new megecomplex has been fully dug out, and slowly works being done to bring it up to code.

The Great hall segment is entirely functional now, and the Necropolis only needs it's coffins installed to get things working down there.

The Mayor's palace still needs some work, but it shouldn't be too much trouble.

Oh, and Seto and his little army of Sworders and Spear-ers came back from the Caverns, dragging some dead frog-men. Well, I guess we'll be having frog for the winter feasts then.

Some of the new Migrants are running for the Town Council. Hope they're smarter then the nutters I'm stuck with currently.


Here, catch:


Try not the break it.

It was hard enough fixing the first time around.

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Sandstone, year 52.

Today I, Guilin, on the fourth day of this month, have been given some actual co-leadership of Bootlure. In my eyes, the place is fine. Stocks are filled with food and brew, pastures are growing without any problems, architecture is mighty fine, and warriors know what to do. So.. Maybe the work cut out for me won't be so bad after all?

I've noticed a riculous amount of rock laying around, and ordered my masons to start putting them to good use - statues, tables, doors, coffins and other kind of stuff, that can be both used, and sold even to those knife-eared pussies.

I've also noticed that there has been some trading going on with merchants from Rovod Enas. But I'll stay away from them until I settle in.

I woke up with a hangover, to mayor barging into my room and screaming at me of how he requires an armor stand and a cabinet. But just as he was about to leave, the snot-nosed cunt turned around and also said that he wants a brass table. Damn, this bastard is getting on my nerves... Hopefully I won't strangle him before my time here is over.

Oh great, apparantly, we have not a single bar of brass, but luckilly we have enough ores to make some. Well, I got my smelter to work.

Bloody hell, only now I've noticed of how many stray cats and kittens are running around the halls, brushing against my legs and making me sneeze. I kicked one to the wall, so it no longer goes near me... And to my oppinion, such an amount of cats is unacceptable.. Time for the butcher to get to work..

Merchants have left. I don't know what we traded, nor I care...

Migrants have arrived. Two farmers... Maybe we'll put them to use, we'll see...

A troll has been wandering in our halls, most likely find it's way from the caverns. However, when I bashed it's brains out with one of my hammers, most of the people were horrified. I think they may have befriended it.. Oh well.. At least I got something to kill.

Our spearmaster, Lolor Sheduzol fell in love with his buckler and gave her a name - Igathsibnir. How cute...

Timber, year 52.

Nothing special was happening most of the month. The mayor continuisly yelling out mandates, I am yelling down to workers to complete them. The bastard really likes windows...

Oh well, it seems that some of our warriors have been out of the sun for too long, and puked all over the entrance when I sent them to deal with some magma crabs. Though I must admit, I myself don't like the sun too much.. Something must be done about that, but I have no idea what can be done.

I've noticed the ridiculous lack of warhammers... Begun the production of some steel ones... I love hammers

Moonstone, year 52.

The winter has came, but we're obviously pretty warm due to the volcano we live in. Mayor has called another mandate... More fucking windows... I really want to cave his face in..

Hmm... One of our craftsdwarves have been missing for a week.. Name Amost Roldethducim...

Bloody hell, we've ran out of wood... Oh well, we have enough beds and barrels for now, and hopefully a caravan of one of the lesser races will come soon..

There we go, our militia captain, Robert Daton has decided to name his iron shield... Arrosgasis Shit(phehahaha)hath Eshik. Other soldiers say that they hear muffled, metalic, thudding sounds coming from his bedroom...

Opal, year 52.

Our siege engineer, Zefon Erithmesir has dropped her tools and ran off to the Mason's Workshop with a crazy look on her face... She is working like possessed... I wonder, what kind of artistic inspiration did she get? Anyways, as it is obvious for someone who works in the mason's workshop, she requested some stone... Fine.. Saw her also bring shitloads of random metals as well... Not sure what she brought, but it appears that she finally begun her work... I hope it's something useful... Whatever it is, she is continuesly muttering "Tulonshigos Dastna"

Well, after a week she has finally finished her work. She didn't eat, she didn't sleep, she just muttered and crafted... Anyways, it is a quern. Nothing too useful, unlike a warhammer, but can still be put to use in milling plants... Anoways, it is very well done, encrusted with oval obsidian cabochons, decorated with giant tode bone and pig leather. It is also encircled with bands of round sphalerite cabochons, brass and rose gold. It menaces with spikes of obsidian and alunite... There is also an image there... Dwarves at work, digging the first tunnels in this very volcano... The foundation of Bootlure in the early spring of year 50.

Obsidian, year 52.

Been too long since anything interesting happened... Been sparring with other soldiers all the time, and the lack of any real enemies is boring the shite out of me... Bah!

Granite, year 52.

Spring has arrived, and the mayor got the bright idea to ban the export of windows... Why the fuck did he even order them in the first place, if they are not for sale. I meanm it's not like we need any windows here underground... I swear, if he orders a single window more, I will start breaking them..

Damn... I've had one of these hammers so long with me, that I can remember where each piece of skull, a splattering of brain or a broken tooth landed... So I decided to name it.. Lithrushnomal... Boy, now we are going to break some heads..

Great... Elves have arrived... Suppose we can sell them a lot of rock stuff we've made over this time, as well as we could buy all their wood, food and alcohol.. Still, I am glad I won't have to speak with those knife-eared bastards.. I got my traders for that.

Bah.. Those knife-eared pussies didn't even have any booze with them.. Still, we bought quite some wood from them, and despite their love to the trees, we are going to burn it, chop it and shape it. Fucking idiots..

So... I've told the architect to start building rather large living quarters and tombs for the greatest warriors of our fortress (including me!)

Slate, year 53.

Dwarves are hard at work, nothing special at the begining of the month, aside from a giant toad, that decided to come up our stairs. Well, as unsurprising as it may be, the slimy bastard did not stand a chance, and was twitching in a pile of it's own shite before it was able to do anything.

Oh look, our glassmaker, Obok Regkamuk decided to give the finger to the mayor, and start doing something by himself, rather than by an order..

Great, more migrants... Suppose they could start growing things in a new farm plot..

Felsite, year 53

Finally, after more than two weeks, Obok has gathered the needed materials and started constricting something... She is working furiously and keeps muttering "Tolislushut Zanos Itat"

Well... Obok made it. Nothing too special or useful, just a green glass goblet that she is probably going to brag about everytime she goes with the other dwarves for a drink... Nothing to brag about, really. True dwarves drink directly from the kegs. Anyways... About that goblet. It is well made out of green glass, it is decorated with some round glass cabochons and encircled with bands of pear cut green glass, as well as cushion gold opal cabochons. It menaces with spikes of rock crystal and rose gold. On the item there is an image of two pineapple plants in tetrahedrite, and an image of pomegranate tree, in walnut wood... MEH!

Hmm... I've been seeing those pit-things in the great hall, just before the mayor's throne chamber.... And I've beem thinking, perhaps I could get some of my workers to fill it with lava?... That would trully look great, so I gave my architect this task, and he said that he'll see what he can do, but also that it will take quite a bit of time..

Oh look, another warrior has given his shield a name. It's one of our axe lords, Ingish Rakustakam. He named his shield Ngalak Bal.

Hematite, year 53.

The summer has finally hit, and the beers of this season are definately the best.

Haha! Goblins have arrived! Now it's finally the time to crack those green little buggers! Time to fight!

Meh.. This was the shortest siege ever. Goblins came in with ten soldiers, and two of our dwarves, Iteb Ilralbidok and Tobul Dodoksedil rushed in and slaughtered them all without even waiting for us. They returned unscathed, but I am still angry that they didn't left any kills for me.. And I can say that those two are a bunch of pussies, despite their combat skills... They appear to be traumatized due to the fact that they slaughtered goblins. Bah!

Bloody hell, we saw a caravan of humans go nearby, but those dumb pricks couln't find their way to our trade depot... Fucking hell..

Well, Rakust's rule as a mayor has ended, and he has been replaced by Urvad Urolonol. Hopefully, this will be less of an idiot.

Malachite, year 53

Well, the pathway to fill the areas in the great hall with lava is finished... Nearly... Now someone has to figure out how are we going to break the wall to the magma without burning anyone..

Galena, year 53

Oh good, our weaponsmith, by the name of Mistem Vabokudar has been possesed, and went towards one of the forges with a fire in his eyes... If she creates a hammer, I am keeping it!

Well, after some time, that smith started forging and muttering "Kal Likot"... I really hope it's a hammer...

Bah! It is not a hammer, but a wimpy copper spear... Sure it is well made, encircled with bands of copper, adorned with hanging rings of conglomerate, and it has spikes of elk bird leather and plum wood sticking out... But still, a hammer... And a steel one at that would be a lot better..

Anyways, I have commanded a construction of a new barracks, just near the cavern. Mostly to keep the annoying things from the depths away from the main fortress. So I will get someone to start training dwarves soon enough.. I hope..

Limestone, year 53

The soldiers have begun their training at the begining of this month. Of course though, they will never be nearly as good in battle as I am...

Merchants from the mountainhomes have arrived. And although we aren't short on food, we did buy a whole lot of it from them.

Our spearmaster Bembul Rigothor, has named his spear "Thastithmunest"

So... The outpost liason has brought news that the king has decided to bestow nobility upon one of the dwarves, so I decided to reccomend my squad leader, Syrus Seto as a baron, and I offered myself as his champion.. Obviously, he obliged.

Well, another soldier has named his weapon.. Nil Kizestdodok, an axe lord... He has given his battle axe a name of "Alilartum"

Sandstone, year 53

My leadership here ends for now. I can't say it was too bad, and I wouldn't mind doing it again, if needed... But I prefer being sent into battles..



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