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[Denied] Vilebranches' Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: VileBranches

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Skull123

Reason of Ban: As an Assistant I welder bombed the Primary Tool Storage without any real reason.

Reason for Appeal: It's been over a year now and I dislike the idea of being unable to roleplay as my favorite shoe-salesman. No other server can fill the shoe-selling hole. I am willing to apologize to Skull for embarrassing him in front of his friends via a failed revolution if I'm able to get back on and go back to starting mayonnaise themed antag revolutions. I called up my homies and they told me at this very moment there is no possible way you can reject my offer. After all, my little cousin lives with me and he really wants to hop on this server but he can't (His ckey is 'AuroraIsAGreatPlace' if you were wondering) so I would really appreciate it if Skull hit me up and we settled our differences peacefully.

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