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Manhunts & Stowaways


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No, you can put away your cocktail dress, it's not that kind of manhunt.

Rather, a couple of ideas for either gammodes or (probably better) a random events. Or even admin-driven events. Could work that way, too.

My idea for a manhunt is pretty simple: a murder occured on odin (or a connecting station) and it's suspected that the murderer is among the Aurora crew. A command report is created with a list of evidence, including a partial discription, analysis of forensic evidence from the scene, and a bit of fluff.

The murderer (if there is a murderer, there could be a possibility of a false alarm) gets a revolver and some ammo (the murder weapon, which is identifiable as such), and maybe a couple of other useful objects like rubber gloves or a syringe of sleeping toxin or the likes. Stuff that's useful, but not special (like syndie gear) and which might be listed in the command report and therefore help in identifying the criminal.

If the criminal is alive and free at the end of the round, he wins. No other mission.

The second idea is pretty similar... a stowaway (also possibly a murderer or similar criminal sort, but that's not assumed) is on the station, perhaps with a stolen ID or some other way to get through doors, living in the maintenance shafts and trying not to be apprehended. Or at least hiding out there until he can make his getaway. Again, pretty much the same win conditions.

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I like it. I think the murder weapon shouldn't be functional though, so as to avoid the murder leading to more murders. This would require more evidence being given to the crew to avoid the murderer simply just going full stealth. Maybe the murderer's DNA or fingerprints were on the scene BUT either The station's DNA and Fingerprint databases are malfunctioning, or the murderer's crew records do not reflect their actual DNA and Fingerprints. Also, the murderer needs an objective aside from 'don't get caught' to keep them from just playing normal all round. Preferably one involving destroying some evidence that's on the station.

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Well, my thought was that the amount of evidence might varry from very specific to very general, and may have some red herrings (like a fingerprint found at the scene which may or may not be related). It might even come with a name, and there could even be additional information that comes in as the round progresses. That way the murderer has motivation to behave suspiciously. Having an error or oversight in the fingerprint database occur on ocassion could be neat, too.

I'm attached to the idea of the murder weapon being functional because it gives the murderer a way to fight back, take hostages, threaten people, and generally be an antag (albeit a fairly minor one).

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