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Allow jackboots/combat boots to be converted into toeless versions


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Simple suggestion: I would like for jackboots to be able to be modified into toeless versions the same way we can modify gloves to fit clawed hands, probably through wirecutters as well. Currently, the only way to get a toeless version of jackboots is to spawn in with them. This presents an issue if they are destroyed/stolen, or especially when you spawn in as a role like ERT because if you take off your boots for any reason, you are now shoeless. There is also no option if you want to wear combat boots even though they follow the same principle as jackboots. Anywhere else that has toeless options, wirecutters can be used to open up claw holes in boots just like with gloves, so I'm not sure why it isn't available here. Possibly could be allowed with workboots too, just so engineering xenospecies can have their outfits match (in an industrial environment like Engineering it makes no sense from a safety perspective to be wearing flip flops, and wooden ones at that).

At the very least, an option to order them from cargo like you can order claw gloves.

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