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Rocket Raccooons Unban Request

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BYOND Key:Rocket Raccooon

Total Ban Length:Perm

Banning staff member's Key:skull132

Reason of Ban:Greifer - Ganking people. Answering with a request for food.

Reason for Appeal: Alrighty. So. I came onto the server. It was my first time playing SS13 on an actual server with people. There were like 9, I wanted to start off small. For some reason my idiot self decided 'HEY, Theres a saw here' And picked it up, Not really sure what to do, Didn't read the rules, Just kinda played, As i'm accustomed to with most games and figuring it out as i go along. I saw an engi, Followed him, and instantly started attemtping to saw him in two. Theres really no excuse for why i did it. I wanted to have fun.

Anyways. I've been playing for quite a while since then on another server, Had quite a bit of fun, learned the rules, Got good. I'm deeply sorry for being a complete idiot the first time i stepped on this server, I'd like another chance to actually play as i've heard this server is quite good and i'm tired of being the victim of adminbuss on others. Its gotten quite tiring. So please, Hear me out and give me another chance. I'm sorry.

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