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Urn(s) for the chaplain/priest to put cremated remains in.

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In this game, the chaplain has a crematorium for the purpose of cremating corpses.

Cremated remains (aka "cremains" or simply, "ashes"), which do not constitute a health risk, may be buried or interred in memorial sites or cemeteries, retained by relatives, or dispersed in various ways. Cremains are usually held in urns. It has been this way since ancient times.

It feels like an incomplete feature due to the fact that you can only destroy the ashes after cremation, and they cannot be stored or moved. That's where this suggestion comes in. Add ceramic or metallic urns to the chaplain's closet, for the sole purpose of containing and labeling these remains. After the ashes are inside of their urn, they can be carried around or dumped out so that they may scatter to the wind, gone forever.

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