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[Library Community Overhaul] Categories, Rating System, Subscriptions, Author Profiles, and more!


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As someone who has played librarian before, I see there's so much potential with this section and it feels a little empty in parts. These are suggestions regarding my concerns. This post's got a lot in it, so I'll try my best to break it down(I'm not good at dancing). This is a sort of rough draft, and I'm really open to debating and discussing these ideas to flesh them out. Let's start with--


Most libraries have their very own library card to issue to its patrons. Allow crewmen to be issued library cards with their local librarian. Once they have a library card, their character can spawn in with it, have an account on the library's network, and check out books. This changes the process for librarians slightly. Swipe the card with the barcode scanner to select that person's account, then scan the book's barcode with your chosen interaction, setting the time from the scanner rather than using the computer. And that's it! Other library users who also have an account can look up other users via the terminal under a 'Users' selection, to see what books they've liked and so on.


We have categories for books on the visitor's computer, and I think that collapsible tabs would be helpful on the check-in/check-out computer as well. I think that the very long and alphabatized list is a drag to scroll through. Sort by genre, author, tags, and---


If a person likes a book they've read, they can use the visitor's computer to rate it under a 'rate book' selection. Crewmen can only rate a book that they have checked out at least once. The book's rating is then reflected by the check-in/check-out and visitor's computers when you pull up a book during your browsing, with its score displayed next to its title. What's more, crewmen should be able to also do another thing---


Tag books with your very own tags. Create and use them however you like, while browsing books. Filter by tags, and add them to any book. The author can remove whatever tag they deem inappropriate, blacklisting it so that it may never be added again.


Review a book. When you open a book from the listing, you can see its reviews and ratings. Think of Steam's way or rating and reviewing games.


Crewmen should also bookmark an author they like at the visitor's terminal, that way when they log in using their card and password, they may receive a notification when a new book's out from that author.


Notify users on both their account and PDA for books they've checked out, or make their library card flesh red in their inventory with a description of what books they owe back. Use the game's date and time to calculate this. This also applies to subscriptions.


If you're an author, you're a little more unique when compared to the average user. You accumulate the strikes and pluses of all your works on your overall record, which would be viewable underneath an 'authors' category. A profile with your score, how many books you've made, the names of your books, and also what the names of your books are will be listed here. Users can bookmark you, so that when you create a book everyone who knows about you will be notified. Become popular enough, and you might even be the---


Yep. With the tracking system described above, you'll be mentioned in an announcement at the round's start. This will be based on what author has gotten the most positive ratings within a certain timeframe for every round that day. This will be accumulated over an (irl) week, and on every friday the winner will be announced.

Thanks for reading this crap!

Wow, that's a lot of grammatical errors from my stream-of-consciousness blabbering. If my ideas aren't clear enough or are asinine, feel free to address them in a reply.

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