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Have some questions about chemistry


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I'm super new to this server. Came from Paradise so it's nice that most of the controls are the same. I read the chemistry wiki and some threads on the forums, but I still have some questions.

-When do you use a bottle vs pill form?

- Should bottles be filled to max when put in the fridge or half it so that more doctors can use the same chemicals?

- Are gas masks ever needed and if so where would I get one?

-Which healing medications are most used? (If I can get a list and usual units per pill size that would be nice)

- Where do I find the list of prescriptions for the round?

- What do phoron pills do?

- Am I allowed to give out medications to anyone who has a prescription or is all that handled by medical staff?

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Guest Complete Garbage

Bottled meds inject directly into the bloodstream, pills have to process through the stomach first. They process just as fast either way, so the difference isn't really important unless it's something like ipecac, which needs to be a pill.

(EDIT: also I forgot about what Delta said below, in regards to pills being less effective-- basically pills should only be used if it's called for in a prescription or if it's a medicine such as ipecac that specifically requires pill form.)

I can't see any reason for bottles not to be full when put in the fridge, I think it's just a matter of preference.

Gas masks are only needed if you plan on dropping a beaker of phoron. If you want one, you can ask science, or just use the emergency oxygen from the box in your bag.

Bicardine for brute damage (usually 10u pills)

KeloDerm for burn damage (usually 5 units kelotane, 5 units dermaline)

Dexalin Plus for oxygen damage (5 units)

Anti-Toxin for toxin damage (5 units)

Alkysine for brain damage (5 units)

Those are just the most common ones, and the amount in each pill is really just a matter of preference.

Prescriptions can be found in peoples medical records, you can use a console to see them.

Phoron pills are very toxic to anyone besides vaurcae. Vaurcae need phoron to live, so if they ask for some, it'd be nice if you gave them some (usually 10 units should suffice.)

You are allowed to administer prescriptions.

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-Liquid injections are 2x more effective than forcing someone to ingest a chemical pill. When pills are ingested, half of the reagents are processed and the other half are metabolized in the stomach, effectively wasting the other half of the dose.

-Doesn't matter but it's preferable they're filled for convenience sake.

-Gas masks are only needed if you plan on mixing toxic smoke or accidentally cause a phoron reaction that releases into the air. These two situations are uncommon considering you have to do both on purpose to be a real threat to the lab.

-Dexalin plus, bicaridine, dermaline, tricordrazine, arithrazine, peridaxon, alkysine, ryetalyn and tricordrazine are all the most used. Honorable mentions are imidazioline and clonexadone.

-You usually just make what's needed and prep basic healing chemicals ahead of time so you can administer it immediately.

-Phoron = plasma, which means ingesting it poisons you. You should drop phoron pills into mixes that require it so you have phoron leftover.

-Yes, and only if they have a prescription in their records. Over-the-counter drug pass-outs are considered unorthodox in the workplace.

Edit [mention]Complete Garbage[/mention] ninjaposted me. gosh darn it

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Exia is here to give his two cents c:

-When do you use a bottle vs pill form?

Generally speaking, bottles are helpful for most situations. Medication for the four main damage types should primarily be administered via bottle unless in special circumstances, such as prescribing it as part of a prescription or if the patient has a phobia of needles. The reason for this is because in rare cases when a patient comes in wearing a locked RIGsuit and is dying, pills cannot be fed to them due to having a big ol' helmet blocking their facehole, as such injections are the only way for this kind of emergancy.

Pills are useful when a medication only ever needs one unit to function (Such as Ryetalyn), or specifically need to be consumed as pills in order to function at all (Namely Iron, Carbon and Ipecac) or are time based instead of unit based, meaning that they function as long as there is some left in the body instead of doing unit-by-unit calculations. (Such as Synaptizine, which lasts 1000 seconds per unit, or about 16 minutes, per unit)

- Should bottles be filled to max when put in the fridge or halve it so that more doctors can use the same chemicals?

There isn't much reason to halve it. Just make more bottles if you're afraid multiple doctors will require the same medications. Do note that, according to our lore, chemical treatments cause long-term side effects if constantly administered, hence it is part of medical procedure to always try to look for a traditional way to treat the patient before looking towards chemistry for the answer.

For reference, this is what I personally make each shift. Some chems can be omitted, but this is, in my opinion, the most prepared chemistry can be for any eventuality. Mixes are bracketed so that you have an idea of it. I do not make inaprovaline and dylovene as all the large medvendors, combined provides the medical bay with 12 bottles of inaprovaline and dylovene. More than enough.


Bicaridine Bottle X4

Keloderm Bottle X4 [50% Kelotane, 50% Dermaline]

Dexalin Plus Dilute 1:4 Bottle X4 [12 units Dexalin Plus, 48 units Water]

Peridaxon Bottle X4

Tricordrazine Bottle X2

Hyronalin Bottle X2

Imidazoline Bottle X2

Alkysine Bottle X2

Tramadol Bottle X4

Oxycodone Bottle X2

Spaceacillin Bottle X2

Clonexadone Pill (30 units) X3 [These are to be immediately dumped into the half-filled cryogenics beakers.]

Iron (10 units) Pill Bottle X1 [16 pills]

Iron (20 units) Pill Bottle X1 [16 pills]

Carbon (10 units) Pill Bottle X1 [16 pills]

Ryetalyn (1 units) Pill Bottle X1 [16 pills]

Ethylredoxrazine (10 units) Pill Bottle X1 [16 pills]

Paracetamol (10 units) Pill Bottle X1 [16 pills]

Synaptizine (1 units) Pill Bottle X1 [16 pills] (Stored in the Dangerous Materials Storage fridge)



- Are gas masks ever needed and if so where would I get one?

Gas masks are needed only when you expect to spill a bottle of phoron on something, which is very bad as it quickly turns into gaseous phoron and causes toxins as your character inhales it and has their eyes exposed to it. The gas mask blocks phoron from entering the character's eyes and filters it out from the air they're breathing, as long as there isn't an extreme concentration of it.

However, short of that, if you're working with phoron, the safest thing your character can do is to put on the purple science goggles. I believe they should help keep your eyes protected if you accidentally spill the phoron. They won't help with you inhaling the phoron, but quickly putting on your internals and consuming a carbon pill should help with that.

-Which healing medications are most used? (If I can get a list and usual units per pill size that would be nice)

Bicaridine, as needed. Typically a 10-15 unit dose to accompany advanced trauma kits for faster healing. Also used if there is very minor brute trauma all over the patient's body.

Keloderm, as needed, Typically used more than burn kits if the patient has burns (Major and minor) all over the body.

Dylovene, as needed.

Dexalin Plus to stabilize patients along with inaprovaline. This helps because when people are in crit, they build up oxyloss damage, which this counters. 1 unit is more than sufficient at any given time due to a single unit healing 300 suffocation damage.

Alkysine and Ryetalyn for post-cloning medication as clones suffer brain damage after cloning. Generally speaking around 7 units of alkysine is sufficient for the patient. 1 unit of Ryetalyn is all you need for it to work properly.

Special mentions to Peridaxon, used to treat organ damage if the medbay is lacking a surgeon. And spaceacillin, every doctor's goto drug for diseases, short of a virologist, and infected wounds.

- Where do I find the list of prescriptions for the round?

You will need to look through the medical records of each character to get the prescriptions. If you're lucky and get a Medical Resident needing something to do, ask them to do this for you to save time. Do not let a regular assistant do this for you. It violates Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Laws. (Not on station regulation, the actual law)

- What do phoron pills do?

They spread phoron in the patient's body. This is fatal in high doses for anyone who isn't a Vaurca. For Vaurca, phoron is their food, water and air. They need it just as we need those three things. Try to give as much as you want if they ask for it. 10 units should generally suffice, 20 if you're feeling generous.

- Am I allowed to give out medications to anyone who has a prescription or is all that handled by medical staff?

You are allowed to hand out prescriptions if you are able to find one in their medical records. If your character is trained in medicine and anatomy to diagnose problems in a patient, you can write prescriptions for them, though it is generally better to leave that to the medical doctors and nurses.

EDIT: I... Didn't foresee myself writing this much. Rip.

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