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[Accepted] Unban Appeal: Shmoits (JOB BAN)

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BYOND Key: Shmoits

Total Ban Length: Permanent Security Job ban.

Banning staff member's Key: I'm not sure, sorry.

Reason of Ban: I'm not sure the reasoning, it's not in my warnings. However, I'm sure I deserved it. I do know that this happened years ago. I was quite the annoyance at the time.

Reason for Appeal: Well, it's been a while and I'd very much like to try the security job again.

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2015-01-13 00:00:00 || Adminbot || Banned from Warden, Detective, Forensic Technician, Security Officer, Security Cadet - Got implanted as a security officer then went to beat the chaplain to death because they were talking about blood rituals, showed no care that he had an implant and insisted that the killing was justified as a non-antag.

Ooooooooold ban. Lifting.

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