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[Accepted] Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Mogelix

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: SirCatnip

Reason of Ban: Cannot copy and paste for some odd reason: Manually written down: Consistent IC in OOC after multiple warning and a ban against this logged when spoken to by staff. 5/10/2017

Reason for Appeal: I completely believe that Sir Catnip's reasoning was correct and even a little bit forgiving. My major problems are with these rules:

"No IC in OOC Avoid discussing events of the current round in OOC. Exceptions might apply for minor, funny events, but use common sense. Note that IC in OOC is permitted after the transfer/emergency shuttle has left the station."

Anti-self antagonizing rules.

"Characters must be believable, and well-rounded."

I do not wish the server grief, and most of my problems with IC in OOC are slip of the finger "Oops I shouldn't have said that", and not because of real malicious intent to ruin the round for everyone else.

My adminhelp harassment of Sir Catnip ("how do i import all star into the piano") created a 'straw that broke the camels back' situation, and I apologize for my adminhelp harassment.

I would happily write down all of the rules and interpret them in a alternative manner with the same meaning to prove that I have read through them.

As for logging mid-talk, I don't want to go all "I'm a very bad person but now that i've exposed myself i'm immune to criticism", but I feel this is my only defense on this point.

I apologise for my actions, and would be fine with being unbanned with conditions (Such as a Permanent OOC Mute.)

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When looking through your notes, one can only see consistent failure to adhere to rules that you're well aware of;




My main problem with unbanning you is how consistent these problems seem to be; you were banned for 2 days after multiple warnings, and continued to do the exact same thing until you were banned again.

Cross-round OOC bans aren't a thing here, but I'm willing to agree to a more reasonable terms of simply asking you to locally disable OOC unless you are willing to use it for OOC purposes, and not talk about IC events under any circumstances. It should go without saying that if you're unbanned, you'll be on a tighter leash, you know full well of the rules now, so continuing to willfully break them will likely result in another ban.

Do you find this agreeable?

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