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[Declined] Arrow768 - Human Lore Dev

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Arrow768

Position Being Applied For: Human Lore Dev

Past Experiences/Knowledge: Nothing of note. Some minor consultations in the past.

If you were chosen for Lore Developer, what would your plans be for Humans ?

At the request of Jackboot I am also currently working on a few adaptions to phoron that will better explain its properties and provide more interactions for the crew (phoron refinement, ...)

In addition I would focus on and the relations between the existing mega corps and open a new story arc involving corporate espionage and sabotage:

  • Companies try and steal their trade secrets from each other (NT is a fat target with their phoron technology)
  • Companies will form alliances with each other
  • They will use other parties to do their bidding for them. (Syndicate, ATLAS, ...)
  • Prevention of sabotage as well as information extraction becomes important
  • There will be a few events, such as away missions to "salvage" research from a competitors station "that has suffered an accident"


Would you embark on major or minor rewrites of Human lore? If yes, why is your rewrite worth it?:

No, there would be no major rewrites as the human lore is currently in a very interesting position.

Additional Comments:

I would like to work with another human loredev as humanity is a very large topic.

I also used the Vaurca application template and adapted it since its more fitting.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Thank you for the application!

Another applicant was chosen for this round. I encourage you to reapply if the position opens again in the future!

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