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Give Bruises on the Neck when you Strangle Someone


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If you strangle someone, they should have bruises on their neck if severe suffocation occurs. The bruising should definitely trigger upon you resisting your captor. After a while, it should heal if you survive the encounter. If you die, the bruises will remain on your body as hints towards your cause of death.

As it stands, I don't believe this happens. As it stands, I believe that if you strangle someone to death there are virtually very few descriptors of what precisely killed them. Please correct me if I'm mistaken or remembering incorrectly, but if I'm right this would be a good addition to the game.

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haha man I love doing this on the pose or flavour text (really the pose because of the 1024 character limit) whenever any sort of injury happens. It's fun to try to think about it and learn something.

I have heard of cases where bruising for one reason or another have not occurred, but generally I think it's more likely to be seen than not. Maybe that's something to consider in the designs of this mechanic, if it gets taken on.

I imagine this'd also apply with nooses, so you can look like Clint Eastwood in Hang 'Em High.

If strangulation causes bruising, do you think that should be reflected with changes in brute damage?
Do you think there's room/possibilities for internal injuries like internal bleeding? Might be taken with drawbacks if these are done, where choking someone out becomes popular again like the old days. If it's seen to be too overpowered.
What about a new 'organ' which tracks health of the trachea and possibly nearby structures?

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mr bogdanoff?

bump it
+1 cause i enjoy a little bit of detective work but it should be vague so only a CSI or doctor would really know 'ah yes strangulation' after a autopsy/inspection not just any assistant with a short glance

wait shit this is old but ill give it some love. or get banned from the forums i guess

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