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Dionae Nymph Control & Colossus Form & Pesticide

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1) After splitting your gestalt into multiple nymphs, you should be able to assume control of another nymph directly by double clicking it. This would be lore-friendly as nymphs are interconnected and work together as a collective. This would be helpful and improve the game for Dionae by adding an actual function to their nymphs, other than to sit there motionless until absorbed for growth.

2) Give a nymph to morph into a colossus form Dionae at 8400 growth points. This colossus would be even slower than regular worker Dionae, which themselves are excruciatingly slow, but incredibly robust. A real workhorse form that would take serious time for a nymph to bulk up to be able to morph into, very useful for manual labor or last-ditch defense during a station emergency.

If each absorbed nymph is worth roughly 700 growth as I've tested in-game, then 12 nymphs would be equal to 8400 growth. 12 nymphs is the lore-provided number for how many roughly make up a Colossus.

3) Have Plant-B-Gone cause extreme toxic damage to Dionae upon contact. Pretty self-explanatory.

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Guest Complete Garbage

I don't play diona but this sounds really cool. Also yeah, plant-b-gone does do damage to dionae, but the amount has gone through a number of changes iirc, so I'm not sure how much it does currently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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