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[Accepted] Hunnewle's Station AI Ban Appeal (One Year* Later...)

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*it's actually been eight months since this ban, four since my last appeal. I just wanted to use that in a title.

BYOND Key: Hunnewle

Total Ban Length: Ad infinitum

Banning staff member's Key: Juani2400

Reason of Ban: Failure to properly play as a station bound intelligence.

Reason for Appeal:

---Eight months since I was banned, four months since I posted a appeal. So what the hay, why not try once more. I've re-read my last appeal, Well, more like skimmed it due to too much cringe. Christ... Now, i've been playing on aurora off and on for these past months, kept an 'eye' on how I play my synths. I recognize that (pretty much) everything I did that got me AI-Banned was wrong on my part (and then some).

---I feel I've changed enough since that last appeal to ask once more. (Christ's sake I tried to justify shooting crew on a standard law set!) I've actually been thinking of making a short-story about the past-events, but I could never focus on one draft long enough to make it readable (Without giving the reader an aneurysm). Anyrate, I feel like I am rambling. (Making this close to midnight while waiting on a new round to start might not be my greatest idea).

---Now, to save you the trouble (Read: pain) of going through my past three appeals, Long story short is this: I made a synth, Cubie. Their gimmick, Child-like friendliness and joy. The fatal flaw, Too much Child-like friendliness. I ignored orders from the captain, and other crew, Attempted to handle the antags on my own (Peacefully) and fought, with lethals, to keep the crew out of my core as they thought I was malf (They might as well have been right). Now all those things, I realise are bloody stupid on my part and haven't stopped hitting myself for. (That said, I do laugh at the mental image of Cubie telling a gruff captain to 'Stuff a sock in it', even though it was wrong.).

---(Four paragraphs now, I am rambling.) If you feel i've changed for the better, Great! Else, please tell me in what way I have yet to change so that I may remedy the malady. (Questions welcome).

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Hello there.

We'll do this simple. I will lift the ban, but you will be placed on a indefinite trial until I feel you are good enough to play the role without being monitored. This means that if you commit a single note-worthy incident in relation to how you play your AI, you will be permanently banned forever from the role, with no option to appeal, given that this is not your first, but your second AI permaban. You will be scrutinised during your trial to see if there has really been some improvement.

Take this as the very last chance to improve your AI play. I expect you to have an AI character that fits with how an AI would be. No childish personalities, and completely loyal to its laws. If you have any questions with the personality restrictions that apply to an AI, feel free to contact Cake, as the Synth loredev.

Enjoy, and don't waste the chance.

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