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Incident Report - 10/17/2459 - HoS Sean Brianne

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Reporting Personnel: Gideon Mayfield

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Atmospheric Technician

Game ID: bQZ-auY6

Personnel Involved: (Name, Rank: Offender/Witness/Other (Ckey))

- Sean Brianne, Head of Security: Offender (Ckey not known)

- Lily Kadel, Station Engineer: Witness (Ckey not known)

- Gideon Mayfield, Atmospheric Technician: Reporting Personnel (Jupiter_Storm)

Time of Incident:

Real time: Approx. 04:00 - 05:00 GMT 17/10/2017

Location of Incident: N.S.S. Aurora, Engineering Department, Atmospherics / Engineering Sublevel

Nature of Incident:

  • [x]Workplace Hazard


    [?]Destruction of Property

    [x]Neglect of Duty





Overview of the Incident: During to an outbreak of spiders across the station - including a 'Hive', I am told, in the Engineering Sub-Level - the Head of Security despite the best efforts of he and his team was unable to contain the spiders by conventional means. What I have taken issue with is the measures he elected to use next, rather than calling for the Emergency Response team.

The Head of Security came to Engineering, deciding to terminate the Hive using a flamethrower and fuel tanks to set fire to it. This, immediately, rings alarm bells for me; one of our primary duties as crew is to preserve the integrity of the station, i.e. NanoTrasen property. Fire in an enclosed space has precisely the opposite effect - whereas, however dangerous the threat may have been, spiders do not inherently damage equipment save for windows and crewmembers (who, in the latter's case, can be kept safe in a controlled environment).

What I also take issue with, is the fact that I had already sealed off Atmospherics including the covering of vents and scrubbers to prevent the movement of spiders into this workplace. He failed to pay attention to details such as this, including the fact that Atmospherics did not contain spiders in the first place, proceeding to set fire to the environment there, regardless.

As a result of the fire, the air was massively over-pressurized and the high temperatures spread to other areas of Engineering by rising through the catwalks and stairs located in Atmospherics Storage, on the Main Level of Engineering. This took a long time to resolve, as I am sure NanoTrasen are aware, given the difficulties of managing extremes of temperature on board a space station. It also made Engineering - a key department of the station responsible for maintaining power generation and air supply - an exceptionally dangerous environment to work in, and restricted our movements around the department significantly while the overheated atmosphere was contained.

In summary, I have ticked the above boxes because I feel that the Head of Security's actions were not only ill-considered for a person in his position, they also represent a lack of attention to detail and consideration for the consequences of one's actions. A trait that is extremely important in a member of command personnel.

Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Issue taken up with the Head of Security himself, at the time. Sean Brianne. No other Command personnel available at time of incident.

Actions taken: Informed the Head of Security, Sean Brianne, that I intended to file an Incident Report, as seen here. Spoke with the Head of Security, Sean Brianne, via PDA Messenger as he was busy at the time, in order to resolve the issue and remove the need for this report. Received no reply, and thus was unable to discern whether the matter had been resolved or not. It should be noted that this action was taken toward the end of the shift, during an evacuation of crewmembers - we had other duties throughout the course of the shift to attend to, and thus a lack of response is understandable.

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