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  1. I scoured the forums for this, and couldn't find any other mention besides one that dated back to 2015, so here goes... I don't want to make a big song and a dance about this either, it's a really elementary issue and it should not be a problem to fix! Large Air Vents: There are three problems with these. Firstly, they are listed as Equipment, not Environment, which is a bit of an issue in itself due to the fact that when the power goes, miners can't cycle back inside until somebody sorts out the power, but I can understand why, when I outline the second issue. Secondly, they draw 90,000 watts when in operation. Yes, I'm not joking, this is a very real figure, I've observed it on countless rounds. That is the combined draw, not the individual draw. Frequent use of the airlock will cause problems if the RCON setup is not optimal - which, given some of the RCON loadouts I see people preferring to use, is a problem only another observant Engineer or an A.I. with the know-how can fix. Finally, they don't seem to work any better than normal vents do. This is something I observed from my time on the NSS Exodus, whereby the Mining Airlock is 3 tiles smaller, and has only two normal air vents. Proposal: One of the following things needs to happen. 1) Large Air Vents are simply replaced with normal Air Vents - this, I think, is the most reasonable and sensible, because Miners inevitably WILL force the airlock regardless of whether they're large or not. 2) The power draw of Large Air Vents is significantly reduced, allowing for more leeway. 3) To understand this third proposal, we need to examine where the problem with airlocks stems from. Cycling in: Airlock is super fast, unless the canisters are basically empty - which, is rarely an issue, because they are filled directly from Distro. FILLING airlocks has never been a problem, as you're applying a positive pressure gradient from 200kPa to 0kPa. Cycling out: Airlock is REALLY slow. This is because the air vents are working against a negative pressure gradient, pulling 101kPa into canisters that have 200kPa already inside them. SO! 3) IF we're keeping the Large Air Vents, they need to suck air really quickly, like super quickly, otherwise they're not doing the job they were actually installed to do, in the first place, reducing the time that the APC is under that massive power load, and giving people less incentive to force the airlock. Thoughts?
  2. I actually did think it would be one already as well, but I thought maybe it was an oversight. Yes, we'll leave it in Alb's hands!
  3. Yeah, not to mention asking engineers to upgrade APC batteries is actually one of the less suspicious things an A.I. can ask for. ... Well, until it gets modified such that the explosion radius is determined by the cell. Then I can see it being meta'd maybe. >_>
  4. This needs to be re-stated again because it's actually pure genius. Why should we see what someone is using to transmit a signal? A simple head-set has absolutely no way of determining a transmission source. We should totally see the icon of what we're hearing the sound from, in the immediate vicinity.
  5. Byond Key: jupiterstorm Discord Key: Jupiter Storm#4324 Character Name: Gwain Stohesz Item Name: TCFL Enlistment (already exists in game) Item Function(s): It would simply display as a card that can be attached to a jumpsuit. On use, it should read... You display your TCFL Enlistment (Gwain Stohesz). It reads: Gwain Stohesz, Tau Ceti Foreign Legion Recruit. Item Description: 'That is a TCFL Enlistment (Gwain Stohesz), denoting their status as a Volunteer of the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion.' Item Appearance: Exactly as the enlistment card appears in-game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why is your character bringing this item to work? Because it brings him great pride, and many traditional Unathi would openly choose to display symbols of their status and allegiance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How did your character obtain this item? Gwain was actually given it, ICly, on his very first shift with the NSS Aurora. (Game ID: b3d-b6Y7) It was not, sadly, the stuff of legend, however a Tau Ceti Consular Officer boarded the station and began to announce that they were looking for additional volunteers for the TCFL. Given Gwain's backstory as a Kataphrakt Hopeful, this naturally piqued his interest, as it would provide him with further opportunities to prove his valour at arms, and his commitment to protecting the innocent - if called upon. He inquired as to whether this was something that he could do alongside his work, to which she replied; "Yes, it is a part-time volunteer service. You will work as normal until you are called up." Since this would not affect Gwain's promise (contract) to NanoTrasen, nor would it affect his commitments to his training alongside his master, he was all too eager to volunteer! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? To re-iterate, this item (alongside the beret which is available from the normal loadout) brings Gwain great pride, as it is a symbol of his commitment to volunteer service for the Tau Ceti Government. He has only recently been made a citizen of said Government, and feels that it would be far more honourable to earn his place through service and sacrifice. Stohesz already carries with him a sealed iron ring signifying his pledge as a Kataphrakt Hopeful, and this is something he displays proudly as well. It stands to reason that he would very happily wear both the beret and the enlistment card, declaring his status as a volunteer soldier to anybody who looked his way. And, by extension, prove himself worthy of dual citizenship with the Tau Ceti Government by continuing to work hard and perform acts of kindness while proudly displaying their colours. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? It would inevitably come up in conversation - for instance, two members of crew discussing their backgrounds, sharing personal items. Gwain would have many stories to tell, showing both his iron seal of the Zo'saa, and his TCFL merchandise. Indeed during periods of down-time he would end up training with them, as well, and this would inspire further conversation with the enlistment card as proof of such - outlining various struggles during recruit training or hilarious moments that tend to crop up in such environments. Additionally, the card will be presented to any member of Command checking his credentials if they wish to confirm his reliability for a certain task. He would explain how proud he is to serve the government that provides him with a second home, and that he would seek - through his actions - to bring them honour, and be stripped of his rank if he should sully their name. Sprites: Unchanged, as it exists in game. Additional Comments: N/A
  6. What if you expanded the function of the Malf Voice Changer such that it gives you the option of choosing whether you're broadcasting as a robot, a headset or an intercom? That would be pretty cool. If it was to be added and the coding requirements for such weren't ridiculous.
  7. Yeah with regards to the voice changer I'm not too worried about the metagame aspect of it. If people want to break the server rules and don't want to engage with a gimmick then that's an issue mods can deal with, surely. I admit I didn't consider how 'powerful' it can be for a clever A.I. but really the intent of it was to add an extra tool for story writing that enables you to expand the setting of your round a bit, with more flexible options than just the standard format of Malf A.I. rounds. Truly I didn't want to focus on the mechanics of things in this thread because half the issue with painful antagonists is the mechanical min-max leading to a standardized format of 'powerful gimmicks' which ultimately all look the same and are painful to deal with. The goal is to give other options for narratives. That is a very good point, and I suppose you can actively bwoink people who decide to be shitters with it, same as any antagonist really. Well on the flip-side, certain antagonists can't use radios at all, such as Raiders and Mercenaries. It would provide a good balancing feature without any modifications to the code, insofar as it acts as a sort of 'deterrent' to A.I. simply mimicking crew, and encourages them to use the voice changer to suggest a hacker or infiltrator instead, or simply to make a 'distorted voice' to creep people out. Oh, thank you for this! I didn't actually know very much about the console hacking feature. xD
  8. First point of my suggestion is really simple! - Remove or drastically reduce the power of, APC explosions: They're not necessary, they add absolutely nothing to a round, it's soul destroying trying to repair them and you can just keep blowing them over and over again. Now onto the roleplaying tools... - Voice Changer: Perhaps something to add to the A.I.'s suite of tools (because the CentComm Announcements are already excellent) which will allow it to write a better narrative for the gimmick. With this you would be able to add 'characters' to the gimmick, it may even be that the A.I. isn't necessarily impersonating them, but rather they are external hackers speaking to the station which has now been subverted. - CentComm Holosprites: Offer it the ability to impersonate on a Holopad, (coupled with the voice changer), CCIA Agents, ERT Troopers, Sol Marines etc etc. Maybe some custom things on adminbus demand if necessary if it will add to or support the gimmick, for giving briefings, setting a story, etc. - Illegal Upgrade (Borgs): It would be nice for Cyborgs to have this available to them, as a precursor to the Overclock - since Cyborgs are one of your prime tools for providing additional threats and activities for the crew which don't involve HURR DURR ME GO BOOM, it is the obvious choice if you want to encourage more 'light-handed' ways to protect yourself and initiate hostilities. In the absence of Security Borgs, the options an A.I. has are very limited - until it's able to reset its Borgs to Combat Modules, which lock them out of doing anything else. As I said, the aim of this change is to promote further roleplaying options, rather than to 'power up Borgs', because it is providing a viable alternative to just blowing things up. - Combat Drone Wing Deployment: So, before we make the jump to Delta, I'd actually like to entertain the idea of the A.I. being able to snare combat drones through one of the following methods... EITHER: #1 - Add a beacon to a room of your choosing (followed by a lengthy cooldown). This would work the same way as Hivebots, but at a slower rate, instead spawning Combat Drone mobs with a set limit to how many can appear. #2 - Put out the Combat Drone Wing announcement, and players can join as them, rather than Maintenance Drones if they so choose. There would be clear rules such as 'you are not to engage unless ordered to by the A.I.', etc. The reason why I think this would add to a narrative, is because one you would simply have additional roleplay options, additional paths for the gimmick to explore. Perhaps external Syndicate forces assisting you with automated units. Or, the station might have a backup reserve of 'containment drones' to counter a suspected biohazard (which may or may not be real). Finally, an aid to the actual use of these tools... Believe it or not, Code Delta has its place. And it can really serve to bring the Malf A.I. round to a climax, as long as the escalation is there and it isn't just bumrushed. The lengthy time it takes is perfectly fine, however, it would be really nice to be able to use some of our other powers while the hack is underway, in order to continue to engage with the crew and present the story to them. One time, I had my hack underway, and I had to PM an Admin to get a CentComm announcement out just to keep the flow of the round going - even though a Code Delta escalation was the natural outcome of the round (which was, at the time, a containment scenario for suspected cortical borers). Just some suggestions, feedback appreciated!
  9. Final Edits to the Backstory: And, as promised, here is the rest (edited in the original post, but highlighted here for clarity). Journey of a Kataphrakt Hopeful to Tau Ceti: General Description: Let me know if there is anything as of now that doesn't make sense, @Marlon Phoenix ! While I've worked to the best of my understanding of the lore, I would be more than happy to make further edits to refine the background and bring it more closely in line with the developers' take on it. And thank you so much to those who have offered their +1's of support. ❤️
  10. Edits to the Backstory: I have done several already, the rest I will do when I get home. I hope these work better! Middle Years on Moghes (and Post-War): Bhorze, the Pious: The rest soon!
  11. Thank you for the reply! I am actually really glad you were able to pick out parts of the story because I definitely did finish and flesh it out in a rush after so much procrastination. xD This part, I really appreciate you doing that, and I feel a bit embarassed now. I earnest I chose it slightly suspecting it wasn't exactly habitable, which is why they had the scouts going outside looking for underground water sources and old pockets of food stores - and it seemed like (from what was written) the camp had been in-use since the war albeit on a smaller scale. THIS part, I am going to outright change and I'll post the changes. I have too much of a habit of going 'dark' with my favourite character stories. It was based on at the time, from what I'd been reading, a misinterpretation of how the Hegemony viewed refugees given that they were always too willing to turn them away or just shoot them off into space and never worry about them again. In retrospect, it makes absolutely no sense, and I think it will help to provide better context for later in the backstory if the work simply entails actually giving refugees relief and guiding them towards the camp where they can be shuttled off to a more major starport. I actually didn't know they'd been added very recently, sorry about that! I will definitely change the wording here, from a 'warrior's death' to something that suggests more... 'Embarassment' and 'impropriety' at someone of a higher social standing being seen to 'require rescue' from somebody far weaker than themselves. The debt of honour is still there, but alternate language is used to cover up the fact that Bhorze is actually very grateful - a personality quirk for a more bombastic knight rather than a rule of thumb. Given that I'm going to iron out the story earlier to something that makes a little more sense in the context of Unathi culture, I will edit it to focus on him buying into the ideals of self-sacrifice and protection of others, rather than being interested in glorifying himself - it will be a journey of self-acceptance rather than redemption, with someone who is essentially fighting the urge to overcome the 'shame' of having been considered weak in the past, trying to come to terms with 'other' reasons for helping others. Which leads me onto... I completely understand that! So I have a better idea, for that part. He will NOT get into fights, with other crew, so frequently (unless they literally, go really hard and say something absolutely offensive), instead he will be practicing the OTHER honourable tradition of using words to placate others. (Which is something the story mentions he failed miserably at in the past). When I mentioned this aspect of his personality, I actually had good intentions in mind - the potential for hilarious practical jokes on him with people setting him ridiculous tasks that cannot possibly be achieved. So all that angry energy would be transferred into being so utterly determined to achieve the task, rather than used against others. But I will edit this part too and specify that! Instead of focusing on physical challenges, I will add another aspect of his personality where he cannot refuse aid to any member of crew asking for assistance - for example if they need money, they get money from his pocket. If they need something given to them (which wouldn't be illegal for them to have) then he'll go out of his way to find it. It would also make for a nice piece of exploitable information, allowing antagonists the potential to 'recruit him' if they are able to portray themselves as somebody on the run, in dire need of shelter. As long as they don't roleplay it all shady and the like. I know right? xD No, but seriously, that's only a recent appearance having over the last two years had access to a proper diet and training program making him kind of look, 'dwarfish'. Because at the end of the day, even small people can grow 'out', they just can't grow 'up'. As I said I'll be making all of the above edits to the story very soon and hopefully it'll be a-okay! I'm very glad to have such detailed feedback because it helps me to feel like a have a more fleshed-out character too!
  12. BYOND Key: Jupiter Storm Character Names: M.I.St.R.E.S.S. / Sooty / Elijah Kraay / Storm Surge / Oksana Al'Mhuzharri Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Red (Obviously) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: It was honestly what got me hooked on Unathi in the first place, in spite of my uneducated and unenlightened self having felt rather 'meh' about them in the past. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ + INSPIRATION FOR PLAYING UNATHI + because i want an inside pp Typically my characters are either innately malicious (read: Mistress / Kraay) or easy-going and job oriented (Storm / Oksana / Sooty). I want to try something new, a 'Feudal-esque' character with very real traditional values that define a large portion of their personality, and who portrays themselves as a sort of 'knightly / religious figure'. It was actually discovering this wish that led me to Unathi, as I decided that trying to play an IPC or a Human with these values would be very... Well, cheesy, it would be out of place with the setting. Whereas for Unathi, this is their bread and butter, it's what they live for! Warrior traditions, honour, traditional values, these things all form the basis for Unathi culture. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ + KEY ROLEPLAYING NOTES + ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ + CONCEPT AND BACKSTORY + Character Name: Gwain Stohesz Age: 26 yrs || 03 : 01 : 2435 Role: Shaft Miner >>> (Possibly, with development) >>> Xenoarchaeology Clan Stohesz (and Early Life): Middle Years on Moghes (and Post-War): Bhorze, the Pious: Journey of a Kataphrakt Hopeful to Tau Ceti: General Description: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What do you like about this character? I think the amount I have written by now probably outlines better than any explanation I can offer as to why this character will surely be a favourite of mine. I have spent a great deal of time developing the backstory, reading through the rich Unathi lorebase and immersing myself fully within the concept. I don't -usually- play male characters, but for the concept of a wandering squire hoping to become a true knight, as per ancient medieval legends, it just fits far better! How would you rate your role-playing ability? I wouldn't call myself a role-player so much as a writer. I love to create narratives and settings, and support an interesting story for both myself and other people. With that said... Probably a 7/10. >_> Notes: I wrote much of this in a complete daze, as I've been procrastinating over this app for a long time and I just wanted it finished today. I welcome feedback in spades to allow me to better refine the story if it doesn't quite check out. Now I'm going to rest my brain and leave the matter in your hands!
  13. I know ShesTrying can roleplay, so I can echo what's already been said, however the whitelist apps do not purely exist to rate a person's roleplaying ability, they exist to provide an overview of your understanding of the lore behind the race you want to play as. Now I actually had to read Vaurca Lore a bit to properly help in this regard, and I am sympathetic here because having just been trawling through the Unathi for several days, I managed to read everything there was on Vaurca in a morning, so I don't really blame you for the sparse detail per se. What I think a Lore Developer will want to see (obviously they'll comment themselves later but this might save you time)... - Some reference in your character's backstory that shows you understand what the C'thur Hive actually are, their relationship with the galaxy at large and how being a member of that Hive makes you different to say, a Zo'ra, or a K'lax (and there is a difference, I found it). - A short piece added in that provides some reference to show you know what Sedantis I was like, and what it means to the Vaurca race. I am pretty sure every single Vaurca who experiences VR is given a thorough grilling on their homeworld, given that the species were responsible for its destruction and they were nostalgic enough to carry with them the memories and keepsakes of creatures and plants that lived there, as well as samples of its rock. - Lastly, there is a lot of reference to Voa's personality, but... I feel it's missing one of the core, key aspects of being a Vaurca, which is that everything you do, everything you are, is FOR your Queen, and for your Hive. You have written a lot about what she likes, but there's almost nothing said about... Any sort of pride in serving her Hive. Not one of her 'thoughts' ever drifted towards her Queen, which is like the central focus of a Vaurca's mindset. If at least two of these things are added in, I'll gladly +1 it because I know you can roleplay!
  14. Disclaimer: Yes, I understand why they were removed - to reduce the insane power of the A.I., and give antagonists another place to hide, but surely they can be drawn down elsewhere, and not here. I will explain why. The Construction Level serves as part of a main thoroughfare, with the two elevators directly adjoining it. Why is this an issue, you may ask? Because it is one of the 'problem areas' where Blobs will tend to spawn, and when they do, it shuts down access to both elevators indefinitely (and before you say no, it doesn't - yes, it does, because using them depressurizes any hallway they come into contact with). This continues until the Blob has been destroyed and repairs have been made. No issue, right? Handle it just like any other Blob. Therein lies the second second problem... The lack of Cameras on the Construction Level prevents the A.I. from pinpointing the location of the main core, leaving people trying to deal with it operating on guesswork alone, given the size that Blobs can grow to, as well as the way in which the Construction Level's hallways are made, restricting the movement of Engineers attempting to deal with it. Okay, so they can come around from the Mining Airlock instead? Sure, but they still need to know where the main core is, before they can set up wires outside to enable the emitter. You could alternatively get Mining involved, but a competent Miner is not always an option, similarly a competent Researcher who can provision a KA that can deal enough damage to it is not always an option. The A.I. - or anybody with access to a camera console - can provide guidance and pinpoint the biohazard and assess the damage to prioritize and coordinate repairs, focused on bringing said thoroughfare back online. Again, you could argue, well I could totally think of a thousand ways to deal with that, and you'd be right. YOU can, but not everyone can, and the value of guidance should not be underestimated at all. Because in a similar vein, a savvy engineer who knows all the tricks of the trade is not always an option, and they need guidance - that's where I come in. Even Veteran Engineers still die to blobs... So... Here is what I propose... Either... - Remove the construction level as a spawn point for blobs altogether, or lower it somewhat so they cannot destroy both elevators. - Put the cameras back, they were fine where they were before. As a compromise, remove some cameras elsewhere? I'm sure this has already been planned. - Add a means of getting to and from the surface that does not involve elevator use and does not require access to Maintenance that most jobs lack. Please do consider this, really seriously. I am not a powergamer, I'm not asking for the whole world, I'm just asking for a means to better handle issues prevalent within the only thoroughfare currently accessible to all crew. I am asking this so that a single random event does not shut down the capabilities of other people playing the round if you happen to lack certain people who know what they're doing. Thanks.
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