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[Accepted] DaBurs Antagonist Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: DaBurs

Total Ban Length: Antagonist Ban

Banning staff member's Key: Scheveningen

Reason of Ban: Antagonist banned with chance to appeal after two weeks for not properly roleplaying as an antagonist, and attacking without roleplay.

Reason for Appeal: I was given a two week grace period where I could observe other antags and play purely as a non-antag to see how they go about properly roleplaying. In those two weeks I learned a lot, and saw many different ways to play as an antagonist the proper way. Ghosting during some rounds after death, I observed how antagonists lured their targets with misdirection and confronted them before making their move. How antagonists usually tend to set their own specific goal, and work the round to achieve it through roleplay, whether it was prisoner exchange, item exchange or target elimination. I feel like after this grace period I was given the chance to see the type of cunning it takes when playing an antagonist and how to properly incorporate that into my own roleplay.

Besides this, I did plenty of roleplay myself as a non-antag over the last two weeks. Made many friends in a few different departments and through roleplay, expanded my knowledge on how some systems work and others do not. Enjoyed my time playing as a Diona, their slow and relaxed playstyle tempering how brash I once was to a degree and giving me insight and perspective on the finer details of interacting with other people.

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