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Chaoko99's dumb idea mill.


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This is where I'm going to post my dumb, bad, no good, absolutely insane ideas so they're recorded, and people can give insight on them. So they aren't lost in Discord.

These are not the product of a person sick of mind. Just of body. I dunno where to post this.

Fix unwrenchables



drinks showcase

arcade machines

Fix pushing kegs onto tables

Add napkins as a subtype of dry rags, add them to the vendors

Double down on this: Add paper towels.

Reagent size should be something like 10, but perhaps if you hit two empty ones together, -

it could be raised to thirty for fun balance reasons.


Port polaris airtanks

[Done!] add a slime core bag.

Make scigoggs useful.

!!!Wall paint!!! [No.]

Diona Nymphs in holsters. Bread tubes in bandoliers.

/obj/item/weapon/holder/diona /obj/item/weapon/reagent_containers/food/snacks/spacetwinkie

/obj/item/weapon/reagent_containers/food/drinks/bottle/space_mountain_wind /obj/item/weapon/reagent_containers/food/drinks/bottle/space_up


/obj/item/weapon/reagent_containers/food/drinks/bottle/small/beer as well.


Re-add Clown and Mime ID's to the traitor ID.

Remove chameleon kit, add individual items.

Remove the "No NT" icon. from the traitor uplink

Skateboards. Scooters.

disposal inlet tripwire trap

add a macro for a list of all colors.

bread tubes in grenade launchers

twinkies, round fruits, pill bottles, soda cans, water bottles, soap as well.

Invisibility cloak

"What if we had it so if a ballistic weapon nearly hits your head (Near misses would be a GRAZE rabble rabble), it also threw your hat away a few turfs and sent a warning that says "Someone shot your hat off, the nerve of this ruffian!""

Split eyes into two organs, add half-blindness overlay.

" a simple_mob that lives inside the SM crystal, with a radio to report engine status"

Glass shards regent.

Changeling intestine harpoon/grappling hook (GET OVER HERE)

Changeling spawning pool.

Changeling meat bullshit

Port Bay's preference menu.

Make water in blood do oxyloss.


Add opium.


Buff Rescue suit in speed and radiation defense. Biohazard defense?

Make it into something other than a massive liability.

Rescue suit crowbar module.

Generally make actuators not suck. Speed boost?

Make using the actuators not start the cooldown if you fail to use it.

Treat an actuator jump not behave like WALKING.

Leg actuators cannot leap over people on harm intent.

Fix the hardsuit chem injector refils. Perhaps give it a dynamic inventory?

make it inject five units instead of one.

Give the chestpiece an inventory?


Make bioluminescent plants ACTUALLY GLOW.

Remove plants from the elevators.

Resprite trees?

But to what?

Code job denial per haircut.

Fucking full length braids need to get out.

Make FLB's trip you. Frequently.

Make the tripping do brute. A nominal amount. Like five.

It's their fault for using it.

Make it possible to aim banannas at people.


Make Alt clicking a pump toggle it.

Bows and arrows.

Pacmandevil is porting something not dissimilar.

Bow types, varying levels of damage?

Short bow

Lower range. Shoots faster. Doesn't hit as fast.

Can nock multiple arrows?

Probably not. That's dumb.

Siege bow.


Armor piercing.

High damage, distance.

Arrow shafts.

Multiple types of wood?

Metal arrows, of course.


Plant fiber, cardboard, paper, plastic?


Multiple types?

Bodkins for blunt AP, broadhead for heavy embed/bleed damage.

Barbed. Does extra damage when pulled out, chance to fail.


Yes, these are a real thing. Swivels to miss the bone, and kill with bleeding. High chance of IB.

The direct inverse also exists.

Will require added manufacture.


End him rightly.

Low range?

Massive metals?


Materials, of course.

Sharpened wood, to be expected.

Glass. Shatters in the wound..?

Steel, added range.

Plasteel. Higher damage, shorter range.

Gold? Diamonds? Platinum?



Material armors.


Hoplite shield. Make spears not awful in one hand. Seriously what the fuck.


Strong blunt weapon, depending on material.

Tower shield.

HIGH block chance.

Decent slowdown, depending on material.

Could be worn on the back to add a bit of blockchance.

Allow player to have three at once. Blind them temporarily, as they are turtle mode.

Cloth armor

High damage soak from melee.

Strong against SHARP, weak to CUT

Weak to burning for obvious reasons.

Very warm. Uncomfortable.


Good against tasers and not much else.

Metal armors.


Inheirits conductiveness from material.

High (Or was it low?) Siemanns.

can be padded for bullet resistance.

Plate armor good against generalized melee.

Could be made from wood I guess.

strong against sharp.

Mild slowdown.

This isn't mastercraft armor.

Could a baldie even make crude mail in the timespan of which we have?

Well, of course not. But let's play with the idea.

Strong to generalized ranged. Bad burn res.

Can be syringed through? Not injector'd though.

Cannot be lingstung.

Minor encumberance.


protects the limbs from attack and not much else.

Should only block melee.

Various helmets.

Need cloth padding.

Hot clothing.

Various levels of visibility diminished versus protection.

A legionnaire's helm would probably be a bit less protective of the eyes than full head helms.


Make ninjas translucent, not transparent.


The bullet does the damage, not the gun.

What does a gun control then?


Migrate to TG windows. Full windows.

3-4x health on each window.


Replace intent check on guns with a first-shot safety toggle that disables after the first attack. Prevents you from shooting tables, while still allowing you to walk through people once the battle starts.

Make crossbows not trash damage on non-mobs.

Make MultiWiz not awful.

Give wizards a shield that actually blocks things

Give them a more effective dedicated healer.

Give them a buffing spellbook.

Give them an offensive casting book.

And a melee book.

Utility caster.

Let us. Have a raid on the Aurora.

Magic Whips.

Give them spelsl like on PSU?



These are supposed to be tabbed, but it's not rendering right.

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