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[Accepted] ajstorey456 IPC Application

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BYOND Key:ajstorey456

Character Names: Cherish, Darion Muck, Kepper Dytes(discontinued) Cherie(unrelated AI)

Species you are applying to play:IPC

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: If the small blob in the background summary is all, then yes. If not, I'd be happy to read more.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I enjoy the character Cherish a lot more than I like any other character I've come up with. I can't really play any other character consistently, but Cherish is something fun for me. (EDIT: Added more:) To elaborate, Cherish was a character as a cyborg originally. I like playing him and so far, people have liked interacting with him, so I wanted to make him more than just a borg. How better to make a character from a borg than into an IPC?

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: What I was going for with Cherish was a Yes Man kind of feel, from FO:NV. Sure, I could make a happy, helpful human, but that doesn't really fit the gimmick. An IPC can be much more cold IC and less prone to panicking, and much more consistent to his character. The idea is that Cherish is happy and helpful always, and remains that way regardless of how dire the situation may be. Overly optimistic if you will. An IPC also faces snyth racism, sometimes valued less than organic crewmembers ans sometimes outright disregarded as a sentient being. Those dynamics of roleplay are super interesting for me, especially with the gimmick of 'happy and helpful no matter what.'


Character Name: Cherish

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs *EDIT: ORIGINAL IDEA SCRAPPED*

Not many people know that being wealthy is often lonely. They say only cutthroats and heartless psychopaths make it to the top, clawing their way up the ladder and knocking others down to the bottom on their way. The pursuit of success often leads to pushing others away solely for your own gain.

As an older man, the CEO of a massive clothing manufacturing company Victor Eleanor reached what would be his last two years of life, a crippling sense of loneliness and depression crept over him. He had no immediate family left alive, no close friends, no children, and his wife was merely a pretty status symbol that slept in his bed with him some of the time. It kept him up at night, haunted him during the day, it all but drove him mad. It was beginning to effect his decision making and the company had seen the lowest profits it ever had in that year alone. For lack of any friends to intervene, the company did, with interest only in the shareholders.

They bought Victor an assistant, Cherish, a positronic in a pretty chassis that was designed to be agreeable. Victor abhorred the idea, a robotic plaything emulating life just to keep him from his insanity, but if he hadn't accepted, he faced being replaced in favor of a younger, more well together man. So he obliged.

Cherish was to keep Victor company at any given moment, whether it be in his office, on a business trip, in his home; anywhere he went other than his bed or his bathroom, Cherish was to follow. It frustrated Victor, he felt like he was being escorted, looked after, as if he was a child who could not look after himself. For the first few months, he abused Cherish, subjecting him to belittlement, insults, he had thrown cigar butts at him, spit on him, made his life hell. If Cherish were any other man, they couldn't handle it, but Cherish was built for one purpose. Through all this harassment, he maintained his chipper 'happy-to-help' attitude, regardless of how he had been treated. His optimism was unyielding, and for a while it only served to make the man more frustrated, but in the long run, it would work out.

It took about a year of Cherish's attitude to soften up Victor. He began to treat Cherish like a person, rather than an object. He talked with him, Laughed with him. Lived with him. Cherish not only became his friend, but led him to relearn what it was to live. He opened himself up to the universe, experiencing life for what it had to give him rather than killing himself corporately. He decided to retire, buying Cherish and taking him to see the universe. They dined in the finest restaurants of the Inner Sphere, saw the most impressive of shows and performances, experienced the most exotic and beautiful of planets, Cherish keeping them optimistic all the way.

It was a long year following his retirement before Victor would succumb to his old age. Cherish sat with him, on his deathbed, in where Victor offered everything he could to Cherish as to pay him back for all he's done to keep him level headed. But those two years had little impact on Cherish. He knew one thing, making others happier. He asked for his freedom and nothing else from Victor, so that he could continue doing what he was built for, what his life was destined for, among the stars and with friends he could make along the way. The last thing Victor did was agree before life took him, leaving Cherish to the universe as himself and nobody else. He found himself a job as a worker on a Space Station, the NSS Aurora, where he could help in any way he could day in and day out, happily working alongside the crew as a member himself.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I'd say I'm decently skilled, with experience in D&D and years of forum roleplay and such. I still have a hard time interacting with people sometimes, just because of the hilarity of a given situation. Out of 10, I'd say I'm a 7, maybe 8.

Notes: I'm open to discussion about how Cherish would transition from an android to an IPC, if that's a possibility. Thank you!

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I've had interacts with Cherish several times in my duties aboard, and they've always been nice. One thing I would mention is to expand on the "Why you wish to play this race" and "Identify what makes this race different" sections up to a paragraph, to make sure you understand the IPCs as a conglomerate.

But honestly, +1 from me.

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