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TheNukeMan Unban Request

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BYOND Key: TheNukeMan

Total Ban Length: Permanant

Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk

Reason of Ban: I tried to set off a welder bomb to destroy an alien portal.

Reason for Appeal: This is my first time joining the server, and I have to say since the moment I was on I was confused. There was this weird portal, people wouldn't let me go to my work station and most of the doors were locked. The captain was saying farewell to everyone and I was in general very, very confused at what exactly was going on. I was forced into a maintenance hall by a security member, who mugged me and stole my PDA on top of all of this. So I feel its understandable that I thought the weird alien portal was a bad thing that was supposed to be destroyed. Everyone was trying to force a suit on me, and I thought the portal was sucking oxygen out of the room. I did all I could to try and survive and in the end I got banned because no-one really communicated to me what was going on.

Anyway I'm very sorry for what happened, like I said this was my first experience with the server and it surely wasn't a good experience (due to my own fault). But I want to be given a chance to come back to the server in a less hostile, less confusing environment.

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Main issues: you were roleplaying a satyrical islamic extremist, this has to cease due to the server rules.

Second issue: you tried to explode a welding tank in a really really populated area.

I will lift this ban and give you another choice, but, read the server rules and behaver, more of this behavior will be punished with another permaban.

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