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My ban explaination.

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BYOND Key: (This is your Byond login/Ckey)

Total Ban Length: A week.

Banning staff member's Key: I forgot... sorry.

Reason of Ban: Chucklefucking, sorry for the swear word. greytiding and general lrp attitude.

Reason for Appeal: Well I kinda don't but. I messed it up but I tried to with an effort to make up a good reason to kill my monkey as i was told it was useless and an admin said found it ic. and I did but and I cant use the excuse i am new. i do try to improve but i was told there was a lack of improvement.

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I am the banning staff member.

You forgot to include your Ckey but this is a fresh appeal and I still remember your ckey.

You entered the round, about half an hour into it you decide to drag pun pun into the bathrooms, hit him with a cane and choke him to death.

Next when an officer discovered this, he proceeded to make an arrest where you accidentally discharged your shotgun aimed at his head, twice.

After this immediatly when arrested you attempt to chew off your hand, this is when I noticed you and I thought "well maybe it was an accident" until you decided to do it again.



This is your own explanation to everything that happened.

Now if this was your first infraction I wouldn't have cared, but.





TWO warnings regarding this lowRP behaviour, excluding the other notes which show how you basically didn't even bother skimming the rules.

If you want to improve, read the rules and understand them, you have a whole week now.

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