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[Accepted] Falzen's Unbal Appeal

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BYOND Key: Falzen

Total Ban Length: 51 hours

Banning staff member's Key: juani2400

Reason of Ban: Griefer. Tried to welder-bomb, logged after contact.

Reason for Appeal: Honestly, I do not remember having make it, the only thing which I have made is to disconnect in maintenance). If I have make a bullshit, it is that I did not realize it, I begin on this game(set,play)

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First, ban length is permanent, not 51 hours.

Secondly, I admit we might have rushed your ban given that we have had two welder bombers previously, and I just assumed you were dodging the ban. Now, you stated heating the fuel tank with the welder, and when you were contacted by me right after being frozen, you logged off and never came back.

Why did do you that? Why did you never answer the question?

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I admit it, I made that but was not it with the aim of creating havoc. I wanted to see if that made something special, as I told it to you, I am new here. About messages, I did not see them, I swear it. I understand better the reason of the ban, sorry to have made this request, ban was justifiable.

Thank you for having answered me

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