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[Ron] Mesons Glow In The Dark

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I think mesons should be visible in darkness, giving off a bit of light like APCs, to balance the fact they provide great low-level lighting skills and see-through walls (and give TOTAL NIGHT VISION to Tajara) despite being common engineering goggles.

Thermals and night vision goggles wouldn't, establishing them as tools of infiltration.

As a Tajara I have used mesons to become incredibly proficient at taking out threats in the dark, and it can be very difficult for people to counter that. Seeing the glow of the mesons darting around will let you be able to shoot the would-be special operators. It would definitely make me less eager to use mesons 24/7 when dealing with hostiles chasing me.

This suggestion may also be considered a tajara nerf.

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Fun fact: Total Night-Vision also works for Vaurca as well, as both of them have

darksight = 8

And darksight is broken anyways and I believe isn’t intended to be used this way.

I’d agree with this nerf anyways, mesons look like something that should be glowing pretty much anyways. Bonus points if the only visible part of the “glow” is the goggles themselves so it’s just a wispy movement in the dark.

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Glow meaning produce light, Aj.

Objects can produce light, much like flashlights or penlights, or PDA lights, or any light source. A one tile mini light projected from your front, like a lantern's light but green would work for mesons.

I refuse to use mesons on my Tajara, as I find it to be powergaming. Why it isn't is BYOND me, so I support this change.

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