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Spitball suggestion thread


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I get a lot of random ideas all the time for small things, so I thought I'd make a master thread instead of a hundred smaller ones. Here's what I was thinking about earlier today:

Net Gun: A gun that shoots nets. Duh. It'd load special ammunition, NETS, fires a projectile that moves relatively slow in a line, and "nets" somebody on contact, which stuns them, floors them, and restrains them. They can resist, and it doesn't take long to resist out of a net, but it can be used as a quick getaway card, a capturing device, or a detaining device. It could be a Syndicate item, traitors can buy them, I think raiders ought to start with one or two of them because they often have the slaver gimmick, and it'd be generally looked down upon for sec to use them because they have more sophisticated ways that aren't illegal to detain people with. Incentivizes dealing with threats nonlethally as an antag, even if at range disadvantage, and more cool rounds with interesting hostage situations.

Farmer: An off station job like Merchant, but more weird. They'd be on the same asteroid on a rented plot of land on the surface level. They'd have a little space house, some exotic space crops, a space barn with some exotic space animals like tame carp or all of those weird looking space animals we usually only see because xenobiology grows that one slime core. Their job is to farm, they get a mulebot-like vehicle to haul crates full of crop or animal cages to trade with aurora and aurora crew members. Could be a rare role like merchant, only one and only on some rounds, interesting RP since what happens on station may actually effect the guy living on the same asteroid, definitely has a double barrel laser shotgun because space farmer.

Xenobiology animals: This actually comes from another thread here: (https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=9434). The idea is to expand Xenobiology into something more useful, in this case taming and breeding space animals. The animals aforementioned in the Farmers suggestion are in the code, but nobody ever sees them unless the Merch buys exotic animals or Xenobiology fucks up with that one slime core. Let Xenobiology have a different lab, maybe even just south of the current slime lab since there's no shortage of space on the sublevel, that has equipment for animal breeding and training. Start off with 2 or 3 randomized exotic animal crates, have a handful of animal pens, get feeding troughs and such for them. They'd have exercise machines for training combat pets, maybe a genetics splicer like they have in Xenobotany to selectively breed traits that you can fuck up horribly and make a shambling horror for getting the best possible stats out of a tree, incubation chambers, all the like. One fear I have from this is that breeding animals will be dangerously close to the accepting of some kind of fucked up ERP mechanic that involves weird space animals. The whole idea fits with what Xeno Biology should be, rather than Slime Rancher in 2D, and also sounds like loads of fun.

Heretics: A round type that's elaborated on here: (https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=9472). Could replace rev or cult, or just be an interesting new round type. Countercultists could also be a 50% chance of being the Cult in any other normal cult round, allowing for more variety than "come here on this rune or i kill u"

Just a whole lotta silly ideas, feel free to add some of your own

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Tape patches things up: As a very short term solution to somehow puncturing your voidsuit in the vacuum of space, let tape fix the situation for X amount of time or Y amount of tiles moved or Z amount of oxygen. Obviously, you're not gonna go around in a void suit held together by string and duct tape, but a shorter term solution could save a lot of headaches from RNG deciding they want you to have the shaft in space today.
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Finger guns:A traitor or gag item. Possibly a weapon that can be used in the disguised gun thing. On examining, the person is holding nothing, and when it fires, it says "X Fired bullets from their fingers!" or something like that. Would be fun to have a mime traitor gimmick or something. Bonus points if it's like a derringer in power, so you literally fingerbang their head into gibs.
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