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[Resolved] Situation Complaint - Superioform

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BYOND Key: Urthrem

Staff BYOND Key: superiorform

Game ID: bRh-cQkV

Reason for complaint: Acknowledgement of the warning regarding the complaint following the [url=]https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=9484[/url]

Following the IC logic and the behavior of said raiders during the round the law conflict regarding situation I was placed as borg led towards leaning towards greater odds of captured Chief Engineer's harm during the raiders control over said crew member. Seeing how said raiders had no intents on keeping crew members alive the machine logic choice landed on engaging said raider to attempt and save the Chief. To add, said attempt to escape was impossible due to raiders ability to get up and simply attempt to murder CE and the borg at any second following the initial attack and attempt to flee. This led towards resumed assault until it was 100% clear that raider wouldn't try to just get up once more and just start attacking either Chief or borg itself.

In this case said raider died from the drill wounds as they kept attempting to get up and draw their weapon leaving Chiefs life at risk, in addition no visible line of roleplay on my game client was present regarding Chief Engineer being held at gunpoint, the fact that they were held by raider with a gun can be differently interpreted, e.g. raider using the other arm to reach the cycle mechanism to close the airlock and prepare to fill the room with air or with raider holding the gun by his side, it was not specified by the raider that gun is at chiefs neck, head or back, chief was standing NEXT to said raider and not in front of them, they weren't held at game mechanics aim which would be one of the other possible way to clarify the situation.

Lastly, if my action was shutting any other options of roleplay then why raider was not warned when they began to just assault me with clear intents to disable me? Giving me now chance to respond or even making any gestures towards emote to engage in their actions, something I was warned for previously. While the chat smokes appeared none were directed towards me, leading that said raider might have just warned someone on their frequency to which I had no access.

Evidence/logs/etc: Other than the game ID, previous linked topic there is no real evidence.

Additional remarks: Neither Chief Engineer or anyone else that was informed, both iCly or OOcly saw an issue in what I did, including another staff member that had chance to read the situation on the LOOC chat. Do note, this is a situation report, directed on the problem at hand and my person not agreeing with the warning.

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This is to note that I'm taking over this complaint.

I've done some log digging and I found that during the round Superior had in no way, shape or form hinted or informed them that they will be warned.


[20:38:19] bRh-cQkV ADMIN: PM: Superiorform/(Edrahir Mazkhannah)->Urthrem/(O-O-S): Hey, sorry to interrupt. I am told that you rushed down the raider, when he had a hostage and a rifle - he could have killed the hostage at any time, and you attacked him?

[20:38:33] bRh-cQkV ADMIN: PM: Urthrem/(O-O-S)->Superiorform/(Edrahir Mazkhannah): Raider shot me first, I tried to rp adn he just lolshot me

[20:38:55] bRh-cQkV ADMIN: PM: Superiorform/(Edrahir Mazkhannah)->Urthrem/(O-O-S): So you risked the life of the CE and rushed? You could have used radio or something.

[20:39:09] bRh-cQkV ADMIN: PM: Urthrem/(O-O-S)->Superiorform/(Edrahir Mazkhannah): I used radio askin for hlep, no one responds

[20:40:02] bRh-cQkV ADMIN: PM: Urthrem/(O-O-S)->Superiorform/(Edrahir Mazkhannah): only after I used PDA to message HOS I had response, earlier no one payed attention to radio calls.

[20:40:07] bRh-cQkV ADMIN: PM: Superiorform/(Edrahir Mazkhannah)->Urthrem/(O-O-S): I mean, you rushing at the raider really risked the life of the CE. If you are the police trying to save a hostage, do you rush at the man with a gun in one hand, and a hostage in the other?

[20:41:31] bRh-cQkV ADMIN: PM: Urthrem/(O-O-S)->Superiorform/(Edrahir Mazkhannah): I did what I believed was apropriate to do in terms of following laws 1, 2 and 3

[20:42:07] bRh-cQkV ADMIN: PM: Superiorform/(Edrahir Mazkhannah)->Urthrem/(O-O-S): I dont think what you did was appropriate. You are very, very, lucky you did not throw the life of the CE away.

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Alright, so I've dug through the logs extensively and I find that the warning is invalid for three reasons.

1) First, the fact you were being warned was never relayed to you, this meant that you couldn't defend yourself further nor provide more information on the matter.

2) Second, considering the circumstances with the hostility of the antagonistic party and the reasoning behind the players decision to attack the heister. I find this was indeed not a violation of any law nor a conflict. Law 3 was in effect with balancing the act of leaving the CE to be killed or trying to rescue them. I don't think this is a case of valid hunting, they just believed that the chances of the CE's survival was better if they attempted a rescue as opposed to letting them go with you.

3) Per the testimony of the hostage and the station unit, the heister wasn't even holding them. They were pulling them and they were standing not directly facing you. They hadn't properly secured the hostage nor made any efforts to indicate it as such.

So with this in mind, I'm going to have this warning removed. As per usual, I'll give this 24 hours for more information before carrying it out.

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