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Dionaea gestalt tweaks


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So at the current moment the difference from lore -> gameplay is a bit... iffy. Dont get me wrong, how it works now is more or less bug-free and polished except for this:


Currently a nymph can take DNA to learn language and gain biomass (Biomass gain is still broken, but it's listed on github by [mention]SleepyWolf[/mention] so it will probably be fixed in the future) I dont see why a gestalt lose this ability as it is not stated in the lore that the change from being a single nymph to a network removes this ability, gestalts still have mouths (?) to eat food. I might just be stating something already getting worked on but i could not find anything about it on github.

I suggest we add the ability to the gestalt, but instead of the message and instant action of the nymph, when the gestalt does it it makes a "accept or deny" prompt for the player-character it

attempts to take DNA from.


A gestalt cant "devour creature" witch i didnt notice before a barman attempted to feed me a monkey and i noticed the lack of the ability. This one i cant agree with if the "change from nymph to gestalt removed this ability" excuse gets used, a part of the charm about the Dionaea is that they can eat almost everything (Nymphs can eat PAIs witch is hilarious) and a gestalt would almost certainly not lose the ability to eat creatures.

I suggest that we add the "devour creature" and maybe upgrade it so a gestalt can eat a human sized beings. (The nymph is limited to corgi sized beings (witch is also a lie since nymphs can eat giant spiders))


Add some of the things in this (assumed) dead thread https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=9300&p=86110&hilit=diona#p86110

3 is already a thing so it can be ignored, but it would be nice to know how powerfull it is, as I assuma that at the moment it is like being injected with pure poison that needs immediate medical attention.

1 will probably be hard to code but i believe it would be possible as the "slime persons" is a thing that exists with the ability to split and assume control over other "slime husks". So i believe in you coders!

2 I agree should be a thing just instead of from a nymph its from a gestalt, that way the evolution makes sense. Nymph -> Gestalt -> Colossus etc. but adding anything further than a Colossus does not make sense.

I suggest we add the things i stated above and the changes i suggested to the ideas.


I am open for ideas and suggestions, but in the end [mention]SleepyWolf[/mention] and his slaves decide everything.

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