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  1. -1 This will crash the bully economy. And Geeves is secretly a scalie.
  2. Purely suggestions, as you can see not nearly all of the special jobs have objectives.
  3. Alright... I think you are misunderstanding something here, be it how greentexts work or how I am writing things as it seems that my wording isn't reaching you. These "objectives" are OPTIONAL, aka not needed at all, aka you can go fuck off after doing your job and not doing these if you want to. Even if they lose novelty for us experienced players that do these things anyways every shift, new players will appreciate having a clear objective and goal in mind as they work. Gotta think about them newbies, not just us old salty lads.
  4. Why not? It gives people a goal outside of what the usually would do, gives them a reason to go to other departments and strike a conversation or some other arpe thing. Most people won't know nothing is being tracked and the things are optional, you can still plop down on your ass and wait for the antags to accidentally spill some interaction outside of security or just wait for the shuttle. Nobody forces you to do optional quests.
  5. That's why there isn't a green text, no need to make the server monitor anything.
  6. It would be fun if once every few rounds a department gets a random optional goal to accomplish to spice up rounds and make them less of the same short and sweet grind. This would obviously need to meet some specs before it can happen, getting a random event for something not possible at roundstart wouldn't make much sense. Engineering: If two or more Station engineers or one of their alt titles are present during roundstart these events might trigger; Station upkeep; Change every lightbulb in accessable areas. (Non-command and non-restrictive areas.) Power overflow; Set up b
  7. I object to the fact that this isn't already a thing.
  8. Oh this isn't about "fixing" ling, not to the extent you are thinking at least. This is something to change the gamemode away from the cheap rust-code gank gamemode it is now to something more scary, more demanding of the crew to deal with. I see a pattern with the current antags which makes sense considering their 2 hour timeframe before salty dead people, or excluded hidy-hole people vote transfer. With this change you can cause paranoia, you create litteral blank slaves of real people you can convince with no backlash to do things unless you give conflicting info. You can tell them any
  9. Thing is this opens a lot of doors, if you get locked in medical the crew are kinda sitters and the Ling didn't take advantage of the situation. The Ling can lie and tell you anything and we'll, you don't have a reason to doubt them as you don't know any better, whatever they tell you will be the stone hard truth. On the other hand you can be given small tasks to help out, or sent to chill somewhere the rest of the shift. No matter the endgame this solves the ganging problem people complain about and if you can't find RP when people are forced to interact with you, you need to take
  10. They get lobotomized, forgetting their whole lives, and anything but their base language, so Unathi only speak sintha (or whatever Lizznerds default is) Skrell -> Squidspeak, Tajara -> Siik and so on. Humans default to galactic common since flavor text languages would need a second feature involved. The person would not retain any knowledge on work, where they are, who they are, who they were. Anything except language will be forgotten to the player which will be announced through a giant Bwoink message after the Succ succeedes. Edit since I didn't answer the question really: T
  11. Know what's scarier than death? Pain. Know what's scarier than pain? Loss. People complain that Ling is just a ganking and necrophilia ERP gamemode, why not change it so Lings need people to stay alive because of "nerve impulses" or something, then sending an overload of impulses straight into their brain, liquifying a small but significant portion of it, virtually lobotimizing the victim (Actually lobotimizing them ingame) and then sending them on their way. Things this fix and change. 1. Ling can no longer kill someone and succ them, it will give them an error message with tex
  12. First point is almost true, but if your plan is to kill dionae relying on plant b gone alone is not going to do much, yes it plunges our health quickly and disables regeneration but most players have items on hand to get it off. Second point is already a dressed almost half a year ago, fire will kill plants slowly now unless close to the SM.
  13. I can't find a reason for this not to be the case, if I was an all omnient superlogic computer I wouldn't let the puny mortal beings in my being call for my execution through my own means.
  14. The point of civilian is that they are fluff, useless roles people play for fun RP reasons, giving the Chef all this power is... not something we should do, if it was a suggestion to real the entire department wit equally strong buffs for everyone involved then sure, but this mess seems only because "I'm a chef main and nothing fun ever happens reeeeeee" Huge -1 if it wasn't already obvious.
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