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[Accepted] Unban Request

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BYOND Key: WolfsRain

Total Ban Length: Perma i think

Banning staff member's Key: Trial Admin Pikl

Reason of Ban: Nearly caused a meltdown because lack of knowledge, i was still learning from wiki.

Reason for Appeal: I was new in the server. In my opinion, instead of a perma ban i could have got a little advice or help in what i was doing. It was not my intention to blow up the station as i was not an antagonist i just tried to learn another role from server to server.

The previous was denied because i did not give any response. I was busy and forgot about it. If i remember well i left the game because i was new to it and still learning. In order to not cause any problems to other players i just quitted. The admin was not very helpful in that moment so i had to read the wiki. I though it was better to quit, learn and try again rather than blow up the engine as a non-antag. Sorry for that.

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Your ban reason is as follows.


17195 2017-06-28 12:41:07 sircatnip sircatnip has permabanned wolfsrainesp. - Reason: Caused the SM engine to begin meltdown in deadhour as the only engineer, and logged after being winded. If you believe this ban to be a mistake, you may appeal it on our forums. Ban applied in place of TrialModerator Pikl. - This is a permanent ban.


I'm willing to unban but I need to try to emphasize how this looks to us at the time. A person that joins is the solo engineer and managed to get the engine to melt down. When you were frozen to get an idea of what's going on, you log off. This is a very common thing people coming to mess around do. It's why the ban stated you should appeal it, since those specific people don't really bother.

So in the future, when a mistake happens, do tell us. Don't log off when we try to contact you. I assure you had you stated this was a mistake, this wouldn't have happened.

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