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[Accepted] Riqpley_Dagasd's Unban Request

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BYOND Key:Riqpley_Dagasd

Total Ban Length: Eternity

Banning staff member's Key: tainavaa

Reason of Ban: Banned from pAI, AI, Cyborg - As a cyborg, went around shocking doors across the station; lying about it.

Reason for Appeal: I was a griefer at the time, wich makes about two years ago. I've learned my lesson, and I stopped griefing a long time ago.

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It's been a while and the banning staff member is no longer around.

So I'm going to accept it, but, I need to note your behavior based on your recent ban which I'm sure you recall. You've improved from your previous days but you seem to be going down that path again, so I'm going to have this ban removed but if the same things happen while playing a station unit. Expect a ban be applied again.

Ban should be lifted now. Locking and archiving.

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