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Internal Affairs Update

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While some bigger changes are in the works for IAA, it will be some time before we're able to implement them. In the meantime, the CCIA have been workshopping some more immediate changes for IAA to give them more of a lasting purpose on the station.

Internal Affairs Investigations

Typically when an Internal Affairs Agent conducts an investigation, it's either fluff or a precursor to an Incident Report. Suggestions have been made in the past to allow command/IAA the ability to freely file actions such as suspensions and injunctions which could last through multiple rounds, however, much like the recent "Head of Staff Notes" suggestion, these were often shot down due to how easily they could be abused.

We've decided to move forward with a similar system, albeit, with some additional oversight. Internal Affairs Agents will be allowed to submit their investigations along with supporting evidence and suggestions for action to the CCIA via fax, and with confirmation, have temporary actions placed on crew without the need for an IR. There will, however, be some limitations.

Persistent Action and Required Evidence

Any IAA utilizing this system will be expected to provide good evidence in support of their findings, otherwise, they will most likely find their investigation thrown out. Interview transcripts, forms, pictures, or any other relevant material should be submitted along with the report in order to provide the clearest picture on the incident(s) in the focus the agent's investigation. The expected level of evidence will most likely vary from case to case, but if the IAA can't collect a reasonable amount of evidence to prove his case, an Incident Report will most likely be the preferred option.

For now, any action pushed through by this system will only be allowed a one-week maximum. This should help to keep things fair, and we weren't really comfortable having any more long-term action being placed on a character without an actual investigation being done by the CCIA. If an IAA investigates a situation and believes the incident to require some action lasting greater than one week, they will be advised to file an Incident Report.

Granted an IAA faxes CentComm with an investigation containing compelling evidence and a reasonable suggestion for action, they will receive a response of confirmation. We can then add the appropriate notes to character records and create actions as needed. Additionally, modifications may be made to the suggested actions if we find them too excessive.

Abuse and Appeal

Any action received through this system may be appealed directly to the CCIA in the appropriate forum, here: https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewforum.php?f=98

Furthermore, it should go without saying that any IAA found to be providing false evidence, purposefully misrepresenting an incident, or otherwise abusing the system will see their privileges revoked and may have their whitelist put in contention.

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