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[Denied] discord unban

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Discord Key: Jackboy #5701

Total Ban Length: Perm

Banning staff member's Key: Delta, no longer staff but he's the banner.

Reason of Ban: Because I said some things that weren't even moderately bad nor worth a permanent ban. He said some things to hive and in return I told him to fuck off or something then he banned me. I can't really remember, but that's the gist of it.

Reason for Appeal: Because it was a shit reason to just hand out a perm ban, I'd like to talk with people on the discord, friends, preferably jackboot.

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Considering your behavior after your appeal was denied, I'm going to deny this again. You're only free to appeal this again on 8th of December, alternatively a staff complaint might be faster, or not.

Here's an example. After denying your last appeal for not willing to follow the format, you decided to add me so you could PM me, and then proceeded to waste my time by taking the "piss".


Aboshehab - 11/01/2017


jackboy - 11/01/2017


you banned me just in time

extremely sad face

Aboshehab - 11/01/2017

Anything else?

jackboy - 11/01/2017


Why are you guys so serious

serious as a heart attack my guy

how much do you get paid?

Aboshehab - 11/01/2017

I didn't realise being concise and expecting some form of formality was "so serious."

jackboy - 11/01/2017

No, no

I've seen people be professional, but aurora acts like they're some corporate company

firing staff members

like bruh cmon


Ya'll be acting more corporate than how you should be acting IC

Aboshehab - 11/01/2017

We've only fired a single staff member in the time Aurora has been here

jackboy - 11/01/2017

how much do you get paid

please dont say fire

Aboshehab - 11/01/2017

And he doctored logs and harassed members of community.


jackboy - 11/01/2017

well yeah

Aboshehab - 11/01/2017

You used fire.

jackboy - 11/01/2017

i know he harassed members, i was one of them

no i didnt use fire

garn said he was going to be fired anyways

Aboshehab - 11/01/2017


jackboy - 11/01/2017

that shits funny, i had a good giggle

its demote

the common word amongst servers for removing staff is demote

anyways, i dont understand why i gotta go through some useless process for someone to just remove the ban

like, it feels like im going to court

dealing with a legal system and all

"yeah sorry, we had a staff member that harassed and doctored logs to fuck with people, but you still gotta appeal ur unjust perma ban, sorry"

its a joke

thats why im taking the piss

yknow, you guys in head staff oughta have a good laugh, cause ya'll need it

Aboshehab - 11/01/2017


jackboy - 11/01/2017


alright what

alright like ur gonna go have a good laugh


alright like u dont know what to say because im right

Aboshehab - 11/01/2017

Alright I'm waiting for you to finish. I believe you had to add me since we don't share a server?

jackboy - 11/01/2017

considering the only reason im doing this is to take the piss and amuse myself, i can go on for a good 10 more minutes before you start to bore me, considering you're waiting on someone who is clearly taking the piss out of you is kind of funny, but idk its up to you fam

also yea

we dont share a server

big surprise huh

Aboshehab - 11/01/2017

In that case


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