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Vivian's Platinum Heart Medal - Vivian Rival - XanderDox

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Character name:

Vivian Rival

Item names:

Platinum Heart

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Vivian likes to wear the medal, because it shows the accomplishments she has made in the field of medicine and welfare.

She loves it because the BACT (Biesel Awards Ceremony Team) gave it to her, to honour her hard work establishing free medical education for homeless people of all races, and for her founding of PETOS (People for the Ethical Treatment of Other Species).

Vivian looked over the crowd of people, mostly Doctors, or Medical Researchers, but some PETOS members were there to celebrate her as well, after all, it was her day.

She held the microphone shakily, not knowing exactly what to say...

"I'd just like to thank, EVERYBODY, who has ever, ever been nice to me, without your courtesy, and your respect, I would have never made it this far." Vivian took the pause as a chance to clear her throat, which felt like something was being shoved down it, almost preventing her from speaking.

" I'd also like to thank, Dr. Centurion, my Professor from the University of Medicine and Welfare here on Biesel, he taught me everything I know, and without him, god, I'd probably be sitting on a street corner panhandling, " the audience chuckled.

"Lastly, I'd like to thank, Mr. and Mrs. Petrichor of the Biesel Awards Ceremony Team, for presenting me with this medal, it is truly a GREAT honour, that I can only humbly accept, knowing I truly can never deserve it."

With that, she looked over to Mr. Petrichor, a large lump of a man, his hair was slowly retreating to the middle of his head, he smiled at her, and stepped towards her with a gilded silver box, labeled Vivian's

He took the microphone from her, and handed her the masterpiece of craftsmanship that was the medal's box, it was at that point, when Vivian began to cry, she slowly opened the box, revealing the beautiful platinum white, heart shaped medal, that was emblazoned with a red-cross.

Vivian turned her back to the crowd, and quickly fastened the medal to her dress, Mr. Petrichor reached over and grabbed the empty box from her hands when she was finished getting the medal hooked on.

She then turned to face the audience, there were so many, at least a thousand people, there to see her!

They went wild, but no one screamed as loud as the PETOS members did, they had supported her through thick and thin, as she had them.

A Tajaran in the crowd let out a roar of pride.

"I would like to thank Dr. Rival, for graciously accepting the award, and coming all the way from the other side of the planet to get it, I'd also like to thank all of your for coming to see the show, staff will be around with complimentary drinks and snacks, the show will continue in 10 minutes, please, feel free to wander."

Mr. Petrichor bellowed to the crowd, not needing to use the microphone, his voice was unnaturally loud, and carried well over the small stadium.

Item function(s): No special functions, just the same thing as any other medal.

Item description: The medal is white-plated platinum, and bears a red-cross on the front, the back is engraved, Vivian Rival, Medical Doctor & Species Rights Activist-BACT Red Cross Award-

Item appearance: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bkhldee1caqo7/Xander's_Custom_Items


Additional comments: I've included the overlay in the folder, I noticed my app looks different from the other two, so please tell me if I missed anything.

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