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Incident Report, 27.09.2459, Hikmat Rrhazkal-Jawdat

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Reporting Personnel: Belg Smallerkov

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Quartermaster

Game ID: bRm-cmR6

Personnel Involved:

- Hikmat Rrhazkal-Jawdat, Cargo Techinician: Offender

- Faysal Al-Shennawi, Head of Personnel - Witness

Time of Incident: -

Real time: 16:10GMT, 09.11.2017

Location of Incident: Cargo Office

Nature of Incident:

  • []Workplace Hazard


    []Destruction of Property

    [x]Neglect of Duty





Overview of the Incident: After I woke up, I found the warehouse of cargo not sorted and in complete mess. Autolathe was not loaded. Dinner room was full of donk-pockets which lied everywhere.

I decided that I have to have a talk with only cargo technician on board, Hikmat Rrhazkal-Jawdat. After some incident, I finally caught attention of techician, who rode in in the train tug.

I asked him to listen to me, to which he replied: "Listen. He only rides. That's all. If QM wants him to walk, he will walk". I said, that cargo technician has many other things to do, beside riding the tug.

I also said that I don't like his altitude. He replied that since he doesn't want to do anything beside riding tug, he quits. He asked HoP to transfer him to other department.

If that was all, fine, I can kind of understand. But to add to this he also:

1. Stole the key of train tug. I suspected that he would get rid of it and to no surprise at all I found the key in the garbage dump.

2. I am pretty sure he set up the portable flash to flash me, but I had sunglasses on me. I was taking the crate to science department and there was no portable flash in the warehouse.

When I came back I saw him threw a wrench down the dispenser and thought that this is weird. I came in the warehouse and there it was before my eyes, portable flash. This is why I assume he did it.


Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Faysal Al-Shennawi, Head of Personell

Actions taken: He was transferred to security department

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TO: Berk Smallerkov, Quartermaster, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

You will be contacted, if necessary, by a CCIA Agent when and if an investigation begins.

DTG: 09-06:31-TAU CETI STANDARD-11-2459


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TO: Belg Smallerkov, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to CCIAA Ruslan Gregorovich (Mofo1995).

You may be contacted by the CCIA Agent for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions.


DTG: 5-07:30-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2459


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TO: Belg Smallerkov, Quartermaster, NSS Aurora

FROM: Lyla Rathen, Central Command Internal Affairs Agent, NTCC Odin

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



The investigation of this incident has concluded, and appropriate action has been taken for affected individuals.

This matter will now be considered resolved.


DTG: 10-12:39-TAU CETI STANDARD-12-2459

SIGN: CCIAA Lyla Rathen

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