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Virology Improvement.


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The current Virology system is pretty good, but I feel like it could be better. Things such as more symptoms, a new virus, and how being bitten by wild space animals can make your day even worse without proper desinfection.

More Symptoms

-Numbness (Stage 1, loss sensation of limbs)

-Itching (Stage 1, 1 brute damage to a limb)

-Irregular Body Temperature (Stage 1, Super Hot or Super Cold body temperature. May cause Sweat/Shivering)

-Hyper Resistant (Stage 1, resistant to Spaceacillin, causes the verocity of other symptoms to become stronger (+100 Verocity))

-Vomit Symptom (Stage 2, spreads - Contact)

-Bleeding Symptom (Stage 2, eyebleeds, nosebleeds, extremelly minor bloodloss though)

-Heightened Respiratory System (Stage 3, causes the infected to breathe/intake 3x as much oxygen/nitrogen/phoron than normal. | Or: Causes the infected to exhale 4x more CO2 and mild Dizziness)

-Acute Pain (Stage 3, causes high pain damage)

-Acute Organ Failure (Stage 4, internal organs take damage over time)

-Internal Bleeding (Stage 4, burst of major veins and arteries)

-Paralysis Syndrome (Stage 4, causes major paralysis)

-Random Organ Rejection (Stage 4, causes Only 1 Random Organ to be detected as "Rejected". Rejected status disappears once the infected is cured.)



Considered, but highly unlikely. (These don't feel as realistic in my point of view)

-Exhales Phoron (Stage 4, doesn't make the person immune to phoron)

-Abnormal Mass Growth (Stage 4, cancer in which you need to remove the tumors or DEATH)

-Ghetto Babel Ears (Stage 3, makes them understand all languages except for Tau Ceti Basic)


Beneficial Symptoms

-Increased Phages (Stage 1, heals Bacterial Infections at a rate of 4 germs per second.)

-Temperature Tolerance (Stage 2, gives minor Burn resistance.)

-Slow Metabolism (Stage 2, metabolizes thing slower, not having to eat as much and chemicals lasting longer.)


Why More Symptoms?

  • More symptoms means more variety for the virus generated, being able to be a true mixed bag of what's going to happen.
  • Those offers a bigger risk with more Stage 3/4 viruses, which would make a Virologist's presence more required during rounds.
  • I've considered most of the symptoms suggested careful to maintain a HRP atmosphere, some based off of other real virus symptoms while others would be interesting to see RP'd.
  • More Beneficial Symptoms since we currently have 3 beneficial symptoms (Adrenaline Extra, Telepathy Syndrome, a gamble with Chemical Synthesis) out of 37 harmful symptoms. There are some rare viruses which can be beneficial when applied correctly.



A New Way of Telling Temperature.

Help Intent + Passive Grab + Head = Checking temperature (Their skin temperature is normal. Their skin feels warm. Their skin feels hot, sweating bullets. Their skin feels unnaturally cold.)

Why a new way of telling temperature?

  • Sometimes there's just no Health Analyzer or Body Scanner nearby, and we have to make do with the old way of doing things.
  • Adds another layer of Realism



Increases the chance of the Strength to be mutated.

  • As of now, getting any Strength mutations feels like trying to grasp upon smoke.
  • Sometimes it can take nearly the entire round to get a Strength mutation. Which it isn't really fun.



A stronger Anti-Microbial (Phorozolid)

A highly potent and experimental anti-microbial. Strong enough for late-stage pathogens and severe bacterial infections, though with its drawbacks.

-2 parts Spaceacillin, 2 parts Leporazine, 1 part Steriline and 5 Phoron (Catalyst) (Produces 1 unit)

-Metabolisation: 0.5u/sec | Overdose: 5u

-Effects only activate above 10u.


-Heals infections between level 1 and 2, at a rate of 7 germs per second.

-Heals infections from level 2 upwards, at a rate of 4 germs per second.

-Prevents organ/body part death from level 3 infections.

-(Using 1 Drop like an Organ Repair Surgery might heal even faster, maybe?)

+Viral Pathogen

-Negates the Viruses Symptoms past Stage 1.

-Regulates body temperature back to normal levels.

-Resets the virus back to Stage 2.

+General Drawbacks: Minor Weakened and Drowsiness effects.

Overdose: Toxins, Average Hallucinations.

Why a New Anti-Microbial?

  • Phorozolid comes from Linezolid + Phoron, the "Last Resort" antibacterial there is.
  • While Spaceacillin as a general catch-all is good, there's just some occasions where the most commonly used medicine isn't enough.
  • The "Hyper Resistant" symptom would also force people to not keep using the same dang anti-microbial and not expect the virus to grow resistant to it.
  • Adds a bit more variety for the anti-microbial category
  • The recipe/overdose mark could be re-balanced, but that's the general idea for a "Last Resort" anti-microbial.



A more riskier alternative of Mutating the viruses. (Diseatomal) (Please help come up with a better name for this)

A prototype for a more effective alternative to virus food. Highly unstable, to be handled with upmost caution. (Either add another bar in the Pathogenic Incubator for it, or have the Virus Food bar's name to change according to the chemical inserted.)

-1 part Phoron, 1 part Virus Food, 1 parts Unstable Mutagen. (Produces: 2 units)

-Metabolisation: 0.2u/sec | Overdose: 15u


-Increases chances of the virus mutating exponentially.

-Increases the virus' progression speed by 40.

-Deals 10 Toxin damage per unit.

Overdose: Toxins, Confusion and Weakened.

+While it has a higher chance of mutating the virus dish, it also removes 5% of Growth Density, and has a 5% of completely destroying the Virus Dish regardless of Growth Density.

-Probably 3x the chance of mutation?

-Has a chance to mutate Rate of Progression | Rate of Infection.

Why another way of Mutating Viruses?

  • Here's how the current way of mutating viruses work: Fill the Radiation Bar. Turn the Pathogenic Incubator On. Wait until you heard a Ding.
  • Unstable Mutagen being injected directly into a living host doesn't seem to make it work, either.
  • It's a faster, but riskier method to get work done and be able to experiment more with the other aspects and variables of the viruses
  • The drawback could be made even more severe, with 15% Destruction instead of a mere 5%. It should be a gamble for the Virologist.



Spaceacillin Nerf.

Since Spaceacillin wouldn't be the Only Option for anti-microbial, maybe it can be a bit weakened to make sure the new one is the super potent one.

-Spaceacillin doesn't fully negate Symptoms anymore (Weaker Verocity and Strength, maybe? But the Symptoms are still there)

-No regulation of Body Temperature

-Loses effectiveness overtime (Or the Virus gains more resistance to it/gets Hyper Resistant)

Why Nerf Spaceacillin?

  • One of the main reasons would be to make sure to keep the Phorozolid and the Spaceacillin distinct
  • The other reason is that viruses tend to also adapt to the most commonly used anti-microbial. To the point that some doctors have started to advise against general use of antibacterials for simple colds.



Mouse bites have a chance to infect someone with something. (I know it was the fleas, but c'mon)

-Either a random Virus or a Level 1 Infection.

-Might get abused by people who want to fuck with someone speficic. So possibly 2% chance with a huge cooldown?

-Alternatively: NPC Mouse only.

Why do you hate mice?Why make mice do that?

  • Mouse are pests and carrier of diseases.
  • This would motivate to not keep random Space Rats as pets.
  • Would make people take them more seriously in regard of sanitation.



Tindalos/Diyaabs/Space Bats have a chance to infect with Rabies.

Why Rabies?

  • They're wild space alien animals who can also transmit diseases.
  • It would make people actually try to seek medical attention or clean their wounds more than simply shrugging it off.
  • It would add another thing to be considered before trying to rambo a hostile wild animal.



Tindalos/Diyaabs/Spacebats/Carp have a chance to give a Level 1 Infection to a limb bitten.

Why random Level 1 Infections to bites?

  • I don't think wild space fauna's mouths are particularly hygienic.
  • There's a reason people constantly tell to wash/disinfect your wounds after being bitten by an animal.
  • It was based after the hear-say of the Komodo Dragon bites, even though it was proved that Komodo Dragons do have a bit of venom themselves.



A New Virus

Rabies (kind of like Appendicitis)

Spreads through Contact. | Cure: (Specific Antigen) Or Milwaukee Protocol ( Soporific/Chloral + Spaceacillin (20u+)/Phorozolid (15u+) | Basically, sleeping + anti-microbials )

Stage 1: Twitcher+Drooling

Stage 2: Adrenaline Extra

Stage 3: Hyperaggression (Like Feral Vamp)

Stage 4: Lazy Mind Syndrome (but stronger)


Refer to "Why Rabies" for reasons of this one.



Bonus "Ow Code Hell" round.


Only active when there's another virus infecting the same person.

Doesn't spread. | Cure: When all viruses are cured.

Stage 1: Increases Rate of Progression by 100.

Stage 2: Increases Strength + Verosity

Stage 3: Mutates one of the Virus Symptoms

Stage 4: Mutates the Virus' Antigen, effectively creating a new strain.


Oh Jesus My Code, Why

  • Real Influenza viruses are scary as shit
  • It would make a Virologist infinitely more important to rounds
  • It would make the Level 5 Biohazard warnings more foreboding if this appeared.
  • Might be too evil/complicated though, hence it being in a "Bonus" section.



Too Long; Didn't Read.

This Improvement threat suggests more Symptoms for Variety and Realism. Two New Chemicals (a stronger new Anti-Microbial with plenty of costs, and a new method of Mutating Viruses that could be a gamble). New aspects to consider Before Fighting Wild Space Fauna (infectious bites, the danger of Rabies) and Mice Are Pests and Not Your Friends.

Why? Because it feels like Virology (at the moment) feels rather basic and without much interaction/weight for rounds. This improvement could breathe a bit more life to it.

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