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  1. Originally, I was very confused and a bit worried about the PR since it gave no indication of what type of thought went into it, or even if there was a discussion behind it. The clarification I got in Discord sounds reasonable (despite the momentary concern about Surgeons needing yet another degree, but even that was clarified as just longer period of training), although I do have some concerns about what might happen to the characters who would have to adapt them. As for actual opinions, mine are as follows: Trauma Physician Removal I'd prefer not to, and I'd suggest expanding in a more concrete way of the exact type of surgeries they're allowed to do in their own wiki page, because as is it merely says "[...] however you are specially trained to be able to do basic and advanced surgery if there are no surgeons available." and "As a Trauma Physician, you are much more skilled in emergency surgery than a standard Physician. As such, you can comfortably manage basic and even advanced surgery procedures on your own." those feel somewhat vague descriptions of what they're actually able to do, since I've heard that they can't do Arterial Bleeding even though it falls under Advanced Surgery and it's a specifically critical surgery to know. Asides that suggestion, I only have the aforementioned concern in mind. Changing them from Trauma Physicians to either Nurse or general Physicians could be considered a bit much and just pretty sudden without something to help the transition. Surgeon Age Increase I'm still on the fence about this one. There's a lot that I agree with Moondancer's point of learning a generalization between all of the races (with the exception of Vaurca since it's been barely five years) and a reinforcement to express the differences through the technology, as that feels a better alternative to this problem if it'd require more effort to apply. On the other hand, I really wouldn't mind if the anatomy differences were expressed more to help justify the longer period of learning, be those expressions mechanical or lore or pure flavor. Even a small difference of text when you begin an incision on an Unathi's skin to be more forceful in contrast to a Human's would be really appreciated. But as is, I'm still undecided. I'll need to give this more thought.
  2. As others have said, the quality of roleplay that Sherman provides is splendid, and from my brief observations the player seems to handle stressful situations pretty well (be them in Medical or Security, which can be absolutely stressful). I'm very curious and interested in how Song will develop and adapt should she get that sweet, sweet CMO promotion officially, and I'm also pretty curious how a Golden Deep representative can be. +1
  3. Please. Please god. This would accentuate the bit that goes "Corporations having absolute control over its citizens means that there is absolutely no privacy - everything that one does is collected as data, and then processed by advertisers, HR managers and law enforcement.", putting more emphasis in the sheer paranoia-fueled anxiety of having to live in this type of environment. It feels written very succinctly for people who aren't as familiar with the concept of Social Credit scores or their horrifying implications. Plus, it would also be very interesting to explore further if the system changes a bit according to each Sector/Seat influence, but that might be 100% me instead of an impartial opinion. This also shows how both Suits and Dregs are afflicted by the Corporations, not just "Oh yeah poor Dregs". I do wholeheartedly believe this will be a great addition overall.
  4. Bear is amazing at teaching and orienting new folks into Medical, being so through and easy going that it certainly makes adapting to our system of BrainMed a lot less daunting for folks who aren't used to it, and that's from my primary observations/interactions with his Medical characters. I'm more than certain this excellent behavior also reflects in his Security characters. Plus, his characters are all indeed incredibly different in ways that amaze me how he can easily switch from Mol to Miracle and to Klaus. You have my full support for this application. Good luck with your feedback gathering and (possible) trial! +1
  5. Byond key: Vrow Discord key: VisVirific#6046 Character Name: Neith Mekesatis Item name: Biochemist Holocoat Item function(s): A Labcoat that can change appearances from a Normal Biochemistry Labcoat to an Eridani Corporate Federation Holocoat. Item description: An Eridani Corporate Federation holocoat modelled after a standard biochemist labcoat. It is extremely well cared for. (An additional bonus to_chat() description for those who can read Tradeband when they examine it as well. See the Pastebin link) Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Neith misses his home and this Holocoat (when active) reminds him of the Eridani Corporate Federation, both in technological prowess and appearance, fitting his Suit status while still being within general uniform regulations when in Labcoat mode. How did your character obtain this item: Neith received this Holocoat in the mail on July 30th as a present from his father, to both congratulate his graduation and act as a (late) birthday present. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Neith has a lot of sentimental value for this Holocoat, such as a piece from a home he misses a lot more than he lets on and an exclusive gift from his father. I believe this will provide more opportunities for people to talk about both Eridani and Neith himself. Sprites: See the attached file for the full sheet. Additional Comments: I'll preface this with an apology first and foremost, as I've tried to prepare the custom item code to help the application process go a lot smoother since I didn't want to bother the developers with the general shenanigans I intended with it. I tried my best. https://pastebin.com/RsK6LcRK mekesatis_holocoat.dmi
  6. Hello, I am very interested even though I know heck all of coding in general, especially when it comes to SS13 and Dream Maker. Although if it's there's too many people or something, then I'm cool with being in a waiting line of sorts.
  7. Updated the guide according to a recent chemical tweak.
  8. Summary First and foremost, credits to this guide can be attributed to various players (Contextual, SoulTheif96, ChloralCocktails, SadKermit), as this guide wouldn't have been possible without them. Welcome to A General Chemistry Guide, written since there's no Chem guide updated with our system of BrainMed (which can be daunting to adapt to and learn) and based off Exia's incredible guide (old), as well as a culmination of tips and tricks from the accredited folk. The purpose of this general guide is to provide something to help new folks into Chemistry in case there's no one who can orient them, or for those who don't want the orientation ICly because ain't nobody got time for that. Do keep in mind that this ISN'T an official Guide, and that your own experiences and fridge stock may vary. In fact, I encourage you to vary them as you please. Table of Contents Introduction This is a general introduction to the Fridge Stock, which is separated into 4 categories (Basics, Specialized, Stabilizers and Blood Supplements). This guide will also have a handful instruction for producing 1 bottle or more. These instructions will assume you'll only need to use the Large Beaker and the Dropper for production. This specific stock utilized in this guide is based off Neith Mekesatis' stock. Your mileage may vary. The instruction format considers 1 Liquid Bottle as 60u, with Specific Transfer rates and Sequence as to what is put into the Large Beaker, again keeping in mind the limited space of your Large Beaker. Basics The Basics are often called like such since they're considered a general basic requirement for the fridge. With this category done (plus Alkysine, Thetamycin, Adrenaline, and Blood Supplements), you could technically chill out and be on stand-by until someone ask for/needs something specific. Try to keep these restocked when you can. (01/04/2020 Update: KeloDerm RIP) Specialized As the name implies, the Specialized are usually only for specific cases and most often not required, but really useful to have prepared. The only ones really considered a requirement would be the Alkysine and Thetamycin. (05/04/2020 Update: Tweaked a recipe according to the Lexorin tweak.) Stabilizers This category is separated into 2 subcategories and it's also the most versatile one to what you may want to make/provide as well as inventing stabilizing mixes. Again, keep in mind the list in this category is based off what Neith Mekesatis produces. Painkillers You can also make a Tramadol-Paracetamol 1:1 mix, or even straight up Oxycodone pills (5u) at a limited quantity of pills available if you feel like it. Stabilizers Proper Other stabilizers include Atropine cut with something else for the toxins it causes. Again, feel free to come up and test what you feel comfortable with. (01/04/2020 Update: RIP Inaprovaline) Blood Supplements While simple, these can be upgraded if you have the reagents for them. Fill these to the brim of 16 pills per pill bottle. Resupplying As you may have noticed, even the Basics require an awful lot of Acetone and Carbon, so resupplying is generally a good idea. Some tricks for doing so is as follows: Conclusion At the end of the day, Chemistry is a list composed of memory, muscle memory and being familiar with the general reactions. Hopefully this guide can help out even if a little bit. TL;DR Absolute Bare Basics (Also known as "Just give me the list")
  9. It would be interesting to see other methods of hacking IPCs implemented in a way that wouldn't be easy to just up and gank them, like how Malf's method was basically an invitation for the attentive players. SoulThief's idea of actually having to pry their skulls and emag them seems good (with a possible way to fight back or something, so it doesn't end up like Cult Shenanigans where it's either Antag or Death), or probably do some weird hacking thing with the APCs/Chargers to mimic Malf's ability. Either way, it is going to feel incredibly rare now that the only modes Malf is in also happen to be the modes where a lot more shenigans can go down.
  10. Having interacted with Lusula Kazhkr and Valeriya Samsara, as well as observing them (especially during the current Tajara Cold War Arc), Sheenanigans is an amazing roleplayer with a great conduct as well. That 8/10 is fully and well deserved. I am curious how Valeriya Samsara will adapt to her new position and the new interactions she'll both receive and provide, and I am lowkey looking forward to seeing your new CMO going through the Absolute Heck that is medical. Plus, those stellar answers certainly solidifies my support for this app. 1+
  11. Melariara has been shown to be really consistent with clear improvements when she receives a tip or suggestion from what I can see, also keeping Medical informed when she can about the shenanigans going down. Plus, she's been adapting really well to the Command Responsibility and the inevitable Command Target on her head. All in all? Pretty great so far. She has my full support guaranteed. 1+
  12. While I haven't had many interactions with Stewart Young and Vincent Winters, I have interacted with Lucas Hayes and he's pretty good to talk/interact with when the round is calmer and there's time for it. He's also learned quite a bit from the earlier times I remember Hayes, with a generally good conduct as well. I'm very curious how/where you'd take your Liason in the station and how you'd adapt to such a role. 1+
  13. Having seen Borya's stellar conduct and cohesion, as well as the work he's already produced and the way it's more comprehensive and intuitive at various points is enough proof for me to fully support, trust, and look forward to the general wrangling and possibly more from him. Good luck, Borya! +1
  14. The only Aviator sprite that I've really managed to see and feel bothered about is the Medical Aviators, as they.... don't look anything like aviators when worn anymore from my point of view. Instead, they look like someone's stereotypical idea of Nerd Glasses, and I do mean it in the most literal sense possible. It's... generally very bad. I would really wish for the Old Medical Aviators if possible. Asides them, I don't think I have much problem with the other Aviators since I haven't tried to look out for them as much.
  15. Something which has always amused me regarding Pennant is how simple it is and behaves, and the tremendous skill in managing to keep Pennant consistent despite the simplicity, with all the logs from previous interactions shining through and accumulating. This item would be yet another layer of consistency that, while at first minor, would still add to the greater whole that is Pennant. Plus, it would be incredibly hilarious to recognize Pennant's board in more hectic rounds at first glance. It'd certainly raise some brows. +1
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