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  1. Considering that Medical only has Six (6) Blood Bags in total, thankfully O-, and the more-often-than-not lack of Surgeons, I cannot support the "Bicaridine no longer heals Internal Bleeding" because, as explained by one of the posters, it would become yet another Appendicitis case but incredibly more often. If you feel like Bicaridine shouldn't heal IBs, then I could only suggest creating an entirely new chem whose purposes is to cure it with some side-effects, like how Thetamycin has Vomitting and Deltamivir has Sores/Chills/Drowsiness. And for the current idea for the Bicaridine and the Temperature, I would recommend being rather careful when balancing it since other races suffer more from the temperature mechanics and with how rounds go it could easily be forgotten in the middle of things, which might end up killing the patient and putting the player out of the round. Other than that, I find the rest of the suggestions nice. They do remind me of Resilynn's suggestion threat ( As linked below ) and I do find more side-effects which makes people less likely to just "inject-hi-bye" incredibly good.
  2. I don't think I can say much about Keegan Rader, since I haven't observed them or interacted with them at all. Danny Wiles is an absolute joy to observe, even to simply listen him talking to others (and specially Lance Brody). The sheer amount of "bro"sage that goes when he's around is almost unbelievable for me, which makes it hilarious in an excellent way that you manage to pull it of so damn well. Pennant is an odd case for me. He's brilliantly well done and exceedingly consistent which causes him to shine as a synthetic, as I am aware of the incredible interactions one can have with him. Unfortunately, my characters have no interest in actively interacting with him unless required to, so I do end up missing out on a lot of Pennant's potential with my characters. That said, observing him is also incredible from the simplest ways things start when Pennant is around and how others act and react accordingly, from the Station AIs, other stationbounds or pAIs, and especially with the crew. I'll admit it right now I have a favoritism bias with Wesley Jesse. It's very easy to accidentally fall into a 100% Hardass character who doesn't seem to take joy in life, but Wesley Jesse wonderfully, amazingly avoids it while still being such a gosh dang hardass, be it because his responsibilities requires him to or simply because of his nature. The way he partakes in Shenanigans, or even comes up with some of his own while still being himself, certainly rounds him as more real, more human, than what one might expect. And when the situation grows dire or starts to hit the fan, his strict nature turns him into someone incredibly reliable even if/when the situation worsens. He's a character I'm certainly invested in and intrigued by himself alone. Easily one of my favorites ever since I began to play again. And what's more is how each character feels distinct and incredibly nuanced in their own ways. I may not know Danny Wiles as much as I know Wesley Jesse, but I can still perceive the potential for depth they all have in their own ways. I feel grateful to be able to interact with your characters, and I do enjoy the interactions as much as I can. There's nothing I feel like I could critique, as what I would say is definitely more of a personal preference and subjective than anything impartial or even helpful. I think you're doing amazing as it is, and I do look up to your for it.
  3. From what I've observed and seen, Borya's command characters are very well done, as well as they've been handling the stress and responsibility that comes with each Head of Staff role pretty well, and surprisingly managed to handle the stress of being a CMO (Herding Cats Simulator) incredibly nicely in their first command rounds. They've been doing superb as far as I can see.
  4. Reporting Personnel: Kosey-Ba Kamuzu Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Surgeon Game ID: b3A-cVTN Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other. Only three witnesses other than yourself permitted, the rest go to secondary witnesses. Victims count as witnesses) - Sarin, Pharmacist (Offender) - Faith Windsor, Biochemist (Offender) Time of Incident: Around 00:15 Stationtime Real Time: Around 9PM GMT 6/10/19 Location of Incident: Medical Department (Medical Upper Level, Virology Laboratory, Psychiatrist Office) and Bar. Nature of Incident: [x] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [x] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [x] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: After a while since finishing their Medical Chemical production, and around the time Medical was informed of a possible evacuation thanks to a blob, Faith Windsor first reported having Bluespace Crystals within her person, and after a small amount of time she began to request for a Monkey without mentioning the reason why, but the unit Sarin had managed to acquire it from the Virology Quarantine. After acquiring the monkey cubes, both Sarin and Faith Windsor went to the Medical Upper level in the Virology Laboratory. Shortly after I began to feel a strange, almost soothing energy radiating from the upper level next to the Virology stairs. I immediately asked them what they were doing, to no response. After hearing an explosion and radio frequency informing of a Monkey in a Grille in the Bar. Shortly after being informed that the Evacuation was not going to be needed, Sarin spoke through the Medical frequency informing that it somehow ended up in the Psych Office. I had asked again, then, what they were doing and assumed Portals from Telescience, but Faith Windsor replied with "better than portals". At that point after going to Virology Quarantine to dispose of a previous monkey for a bounty, I had returned to the main level to overhear Sarin mention they'd require more crystals with Faith responding the Director won't allow it. I confronted them about practicing Telescience again, only for Faith Windsor to specify they had made Blackmatter and were testing it without Command's consent. I asked why they were practicing what was basically Telescience without Command consent, to Faith Windsor to respond and I quote "'Cause we can." From that point forward, I informed the Head of Personnel Cordia Caladius I would fill a Complaint Form to report of the two's behavior. Which I then filled and presented the form accordingly, but due to lack of time, both the Head of Personnel and the Captain informed me to make a full IR against them. I will also note that the unit Sarin had asked me a question through the Medical frequency, mentioning that the Monkey they were testing had gone from Virology Lab to a Grille in the Bar, and that it would not have made any difference if they had tested it in the Science Department. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Yes. To Captain Vera'Qaule Weqrr-Xeblakk, and Head of Personnel Cordia Caladius. Actions taken: Due to lack of time to fully act on the complaint, I was told to fill the IR form. Additional Notes: It is to my full fledged belief that Chemists, Medical Staff, should not be practicing Telescience in the guise of "chemistry", especially within the Medical Department without a Command's Formal Consent to such practices. For not only they could not predict where the Monkey or Themselves would end up, but also they could have seriously injured other personnel.
  5. There's a somewhat bothering discrepancy with the blue and green crosses in medical, and I'll admit it now that I'm too used to Green Medical Crosses and Medical as Green overall that the blue is throwing me off a bit. Other than that, I very much like the sprites, especially the medical belt. Although the Virology Jumpsuit and the Biochemist coat are still the old ones, and I don't think the red for Virology matches despite the good reasoning behind it.
  6. Borya is quite an amazing roleplayer despite being "not very experienced", and they do learn quickly with an great grasp on the lore of each species and in general. Their characters are very nuanced and each feel pretty distinct and are awesome to interact with, and I do look forward to how you'll handle the general stress of herding cats that is the Medical Department, as well as see how you'll have your Liasons interact with the rest of the crew. 1+
  7. I... didn't consider it that way. This reasoning makes sense, and I'll admit I mostly said green since it's the color I'm most familiar with for Virology and it's imprinted upon my brain. I wouldn't mind seeing a possible closer up screenshot with the green/red variants as examples to rethink my vote.
  8. I think Green is pretty good for Virology/Biochemistry.
  9. As a a medical main, please for the love of God remove Appendicitis. It is pretty much what the other posts in this thread have mentioned. It's immersion breaking, unrealistic in the way you can get Appendicitis in the same character 9+ times, it simply removes you from the round if there's no one else who can remove it, and it's nearly impossible to keep alive at stage 4. The treatment basically boils down to "remove it or die" in a short period of time, which further derails whatever scenario there is to treat one person only. Please remove it. +1
  10. While I am personally not as well-versed in Unathi lore, I fully believe and trust Jupiter's ability and quality roleplaying to bring this character to life and show others more of their culture (and training) by simply being himself. There's certainly something incredible about Gwain's concept and knowing Jupiter will be at the helm does inspire confidence he'll be amazing, just like the rest of Jupiter's other characters. +1
  11. Ma'zaira is a wonderful Paramedic with an incredible optimistic conduct, whose behavior has made me more curious and intrigued in the Unathi lore through his roleplaying. The item is excellently thought through and I do believe it will accentuate him well. I support this item wholeheartedly. 1+
  12. While I like the suggestion, I think it'd maybe best to utilize the Hospital Gowns as pointed out in this thread. It'd be incredibly nifty if the Gowns also added a bonus to surgery (++speed since there's no clothes to hinder, +accuracy, -infection chance, or something along these lines) so it'd be a huge motivator for players to take the extra step of using them, although probably keep the gown-less/drape-less surgery as it currently if the bonus were added.
  13. From the little I've seen of TheAbsoluteMadMan, they give me the impression of someone who (as noted within the complaint) doesn't care and, anytime this complaint is mentioned, they immediately remark it with "Cry more", "your tears are delicious", and other similar phrases without caring about the critique it brings about their behavior as a player. TheAbsoluteMadMan definitely appears to "play to Win" rather than play to roleplay, especially seeing in one of the recent Heist rounds (Game ID: b2U-alQG) as the Nanny-bot AI where, upon attempting to trap the Raiders inside the HoP office, they repeatedly crushed the raiders with the blast doors with apparent glee considering how happy they were with the OOC remarks post end of the round. In fact, at the end of the round after Kalren Halstere was captured and incapacitated and left to finish himself off with his own hands, the AI Nanny-bot still personally appeared inside the room he was to bolt the door (when he had no intention to flee the room) and began to siphon the air. Where upon this rather interesting exchange of words happened. (OOC lines cleaned from the exchange) This only further demonstrates TheAbsoluteMadMan's disregard to roleplaying in general, and given their consistent replies of "cry some more/salt some more", it doesn't seem they really care about changing.
  14. As Matt has mentioned, you are a very good writer, and your stories (Character Stories, Fanfiction and backstories) are always a pleasure to read, and it shows how awesome your Roleplaying is. All of your characters feel incredibly distinct, be from the stories you write them or from the interactions/observations I've had, which is even further proof of how well skilled you are. I feel certain you'll do great things with this. A definite 1+.
  15. CRASA's one of the most consistent synthetic characters I can immediately think of, always in character and a pleasure to be around and interact with. Personally, I'd rate your roleplaying ability a solid 8, but I might be a tad biased with how I really like CRASA. I am also quite curious how CRASA is going to adapt to their new chassis, and I'm certain you'll be great as always. Definitely 1+ from me.
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