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  1. I think it'd be very interesting to see it implemented, as then it does provide a better, more consistent alternative that isn't chemist-reliant like Dexalin Plus. Maybe it could be an upgrade-able equipment so that Scientists have something else to do in Medical like they used to visit to upgrade the machines.
  2. Hello! This is the records I've been working on a couple of days, based on the Wiki Character Records and Stev's records. It separates the Public part of the records information as Basic Information, then Identifying Features, before finally going to things that are relevant to their own sections. See the example fill for, well, example on their usage. Medical Records Template Employment Records Template Security Records Template The idea for most of the Employment being marked as Verification and Validation comes from the idea of the process products/software g
  3. Thanks! And of course, questions are always great. (Edit: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA) 1) How does Adhama feel about being owned? Conflicted. On one hand, Adhama yearns for their former glory (ha ha) as a prestigious model and not just be as functional as a static mannequin in a locked glass case, so being owned now could help them achieve that, even at the danger of being permanently dismantled for being too expensive/outdated to be maintained. But on the other hand, they have experienced something new with their gang, something they didn't have time to address or explore before being re-acquired.
  4. BYOND Key: Vrow Character Names: (From most to least played) Neith Mekesatis, Ravindra Sarita, Liboko Lypso What color do you plan on making your first alien character: IPC exempt Have you read our lore's section's page on this species?: Yes, in fact there's a minor inconsistency in the Zeng-Hu page where it refers to Oran as Zeng-Hu's headquarters (when it's a Hephaestus owned sector) which in turn causes the Bishop Cybernetics part of the Synthetic Origins to be situated in Oran instead of Akhet or Amon. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in paragr
  5. Guide updated! Changes are: Added Coagzolug (THANK YOU GEEVES, FAYE AND CYBS) Saline Plus recipe tweak (THANK YOU DOXX) 4u (or Lesser) of Synaptizine doesn't kill the liver Other minor tweaks/fixing of things Also: Another minor update will go up about the Cough Syrup recipe once the PR is merged. Thank you Doxx, again!
  6. Considering that the Integrated Eye Sensors' Medical mode can see and chance the Physical Status/Medical Records, tying it to the Med HUD would be pretty great and more visible (without meshing alongside characters' on-mob sprites, which can already be pretty hard to see in high tense situations), and it would also help with not having to run around to get the specific tag or having to juggle even more with the inventory for it. The Health Analyzers could also be easier since then it ends up reducing the need to "Examine person, click thing, set triage tag" so it's just going up, assessin
  7. Something to note as well, when you're wearing any Medical HUD/Medical Sensors, you can't see the Roller bed IV when there's a container inside it. The HUD blocks the view of the IV. It could be really, really nice if the Roller Bed IV thing got moved around a bit as well, since otherwise you can't see if it's empty or not. Either, or have the Roller Bed mention how much the container has when you examine it.
  8. The detail that got my attention into supporting this suggestion is the "locking people if they vote for the mode that wins", as it'd give an option for other people who didn't vote for that gamemode to opt in or not. I've been wary of "all voters get locked regardless" that this type of suggestion can get sometimes, but this one in specific feels like a great one. At least in my opinion.
  9. Finally updated the guide in accordance to the Rework Thread, and reworked the guide itself into something that's friendlier than just "make these chemicals because this overachiever character makes them", as well as separating the Recipe Instructions into lines for better reading.
  10. Guide updated in according to the new Chemical Renames. (Here's the Thread about it if you somehow missed it.)
  11. I fully agree with SadKermit's points on how this PR feels like it's being merged too fast, and that a proper nomenclature system would need more time and concentration for them as it feels like a premise for an inevitable overhaul, especially now that it's been pointed out most of the fictional names are straight up from Star Trek. As for the naming suggestions, here's my general recommendations: Painkiller Alternatives General Med Alternatives Duloxetine/Concusil - Mannitol/Neuranol Alternatives As for the current arguments about the change
  12. I'd really like if the Psych meds could be reworked into more flavor, but this seems to be a topic of discussion for another PR if possible. And seeing that we're distancing from the IRL counterparts and focusing more on the mechanics that they currently have, it seems only logical to suggest for a removal of one or two (despite my own bias to not want to remove them). Although the Paroxetine was listed twice and only the removal suggestion seems to be in the current list. As for my suggestions for Sertraline (if it's not removed, at least), here it is: Sertaline > Parvosil
  13. Most of the current list of names proposed feel like you've put them through a dyslexia simulator. Most them don't feel like they have any logic to them besides just changing characters and hoping it'll stick, which causes them to be jarring, harder to remember, goofy and confusing. My recommendation would be to keep it thematically coherent, since then it'd be a bit easier/more intuitive to know what the chemicals are used for. As for the actual suggestion for possible renaming, mine are as follows:
  14. Finally updated the guide with the smaller tweaks ever since last update.
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