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  1. As Matt has mentioned, you are a very good writer, and your stories (Character Stories, Fanfiction and backstories) are always a pleasure to read, and it shows how awesome your Roleplaying is. All of your characters feel incredibly distinct, be from the stories you write them or from the interactions/observations I've had, which is even further proof of how well skilled you are. I feel certain you'll do great things with this. A definite 1+.
  2. CRASA's one of the most consistent synthetic characters I can immediately think of, always in character and a pleasure to be around and interact with. Personally, I'd rate your roleplaying ability a solid 8, but I might be a tad biased with how I really like CRASA. I am also quite curious how CRASA is going to adapt to their new chassis, and I'm certain you'll be great as always. Definitely 1+ from me.
  3. This is going to be a rather long reply to multiple points, so I apologize for the wall of text. I'll try to address each of those disabilities according in the spoiler. An anti-allergic chemical could be an interesting addition to go along with the whole allergic system. Though, I don't know how that would work to stop the allergic reactions, it'd depend how the allergic system would be implemented. This type of discussion is out of my league, as I have no idea how this system could be implemented. Ahhh, I see. I had used an Acuity scale in order to get the nomenclature correctly, though I've always been able to see the last minuscule lines so I thought that the 20/10 is normal. The Acuity levels in the suggested system would have to change into the "Minor, Moderate, Severe" then. Like this? That is an excellent suggestion! The headache red-text message could have different frequency depending on the severity the player chose. The Severe being the most constant headache message, while the Minor being only occasionally. Contacts could be an interesting new loadout item, too. The player could probably choose a "type" of color for the contacts with some basic colors, or simply transparent. Example: What would anyone else think of contacts? The suggestion does consider Inhalers, but I think we'd need discuss about it more to prevent someone from simply having a pocket dexalin dispenser as a powergaming move. The current idea I had for Inhalers is as follows: Autoinjectors already somewhat work as epipens, though they have Inaprovaline, contain 5u and can only be used once. (You can also empty their contents in a sink to add other chemicals, but that's beside the point) ===== I'm incredibly glad for so much feedback regarding the system as a whole! Thank you so much for all that responded, and thanks for those who even simply read it. I really hope we can keep this discussion going!
  4. I really, really enjoy CRASA whenever they're around, and I often miss them in medical. CRASA's Efficiency, Small Quirks (the freaking morale action figure) and Personality (Friend [person], the motherly-like nature) all make them feel incredibly rounded as a Station-bound android. CRASA's still my favorite station-bound out of the top 5 station-bounds I have. I don't think I can give a complete feedback since I don't know CRASA's backstory (because I never goshdang asked), however what I do know from my experiences and observations is that CRASA is a great synthetic with very neat and distinct characterization. Sometimes I used to get really happy seeing a medical android using the same chassis as CRASA and thinking it's them, but it's not and I get a bit sad.
  5. From my observations about Vieniamin Sokolov and somewhat brief interactions with Fideal Al'Majoree, Calion seems to have a good grasp in characterization and keeping each character different with their personalities and behavior, and even though brief, the interactions felt pretty distinct for Al'Majoree. I think the backstory is interesting, too. Eskiael's drive to find his brother could be interesting to see mentioned/roleplayed it out with others, and I am curious how you'd roleplay a character with such a stigma to the race you usually play as. Even if I myself won't get to interact much with Eskiael, I'd definitely observe him through his day. Going for a 1+.
  6. Summary: First and foremost, all of the disabilities suggested have been heavily considered to not completely impair the gameplay or are a giant obstacle. Now, the actual summary. It is my belief that a balanced disabillity system would add another layer of depth and realism to the server and for future RP situation in general. As it currently is, the best things we have of disabilities are the "Needs Glasses" (which isn't adjustable and is easily ignorable after some rounds) and the adjustable Limbs (Amputated/Prosthesis) and Internal Organs(Assisted/Mechanical). Anything else (allergies, for example) tends to get overlooked and is based of pure RP. This suggestion thread offers an actual disability system; An Allergy system with adjustable allergic reactions, eyesight disability with adjustable severity, Asthma with adjustable severity, Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Chronic Pains. (Probably limit the quantity of disabilities a character may have? Or probably not) ===== Allergy System It'd only be ONE specific reagent from a limited list and ONE or TWO toggleable allergic reactions. This is for balance and to make sure the character isn't allergic to the only thing that can save them. Reagents: Allergic Reactions: ===== Eyesight Disability A better version of the "Needs Glasses" that we currently have. However, this one would actually impair the vision and not feel like wearing a very weak welding mask. It'd use the system for Eye Damage, with the screen being blurred/foggy/dark. Acuity levels: -20/70 (severe) -20/40 (moderate) -20/20 (A bit impaired, but still fine) -20/10 (Doesn't need glasses) Either have the adjustable options by the Acuity levels or using a Average/Below Average/Poor/Severe for each. ===== Asthma It's a common disability that probably wouldn't hurt much if it was added. Severity: -Light - Activates at 15% Stamina or Lower (Wheezing/Coughing) -Moderate - Activates at 35% Stamina or Lower(Wheezing/Coughing + Low Stamina) -Severe - Activates at 50% Stamina or Lower (Wheezing/Coughing + Low Stamina + Minor Increased Suffocation Damage) Considered but would require more debate/balance. ===== Diabetes - Type 1 Another rather common disability that wouldn't hurt much if it was added. Mechanically, the diabetic shock could be bound to a certain amount of nutriment threshold is broken. [Thanks, Coalf!] -Increased Hunger -Minor Shakes (possibly Dizziness, too) for Low Blood Sugar (Lower than 20 Nutriment Threshold) -Bad/Nauseous Messages for High Blood Sugar (Higher than 50 Nutriment Threshold) ===== Blood Pressure The Blood Pressure ends up more flavortext than actual mechanics since being more realistic would add the Dizziness, Confusion and actual Collapsing, which... are all pretty horrible to have at a terrible moment. And the treatment for these is something that is constant, so it'd be more of a pain in the butt than a simple thing. -Low Blood Pressure: You feel Dizzy, you feel lightheaded -High Blood Pressure: You feel Dizzy, your head hurts, you feel nauseous ===== Migraines/Chronic Pains Because those happen and they're a pain in the butt, also often the cause of bad moods or exhaustion due to having to put up with them without a prescribed painkiller. -Choose ONE Limb: [Head, Chest, Lower Body, Arms, Hands, Legs, Foot] -Choose "Severity" (frequency of how much do you want the pain-redtext): Minor, Moderate, High ===== Too Long; Didn't Read. More disabilities may be able to deepen RP and make characters a bit more different than each other, with the minimal mechanics also accentuating it so it's not completely reliant on RP or overlooked. These disabilities have been carefully considered and balanced in order to not completely overthrow the gameplay. Notes:
  7. I'm terribly sorry, but I'll give this a -1. The reason being is that you've never once mentioned Kunta X being solarian, or implied it besides having the Home System set to Jamaica, not even set to Sol. You've never implied Kunta's backstory of being in the Sol Navy, never said much about his backstory at all, even. From all my interactions with Kunta X, all I've seen is... an unbelievable flat character with no experience, no depth, no backstory or anything that hints of one. And it seems more that you're simply applying for the aesthetics rather than a more in-depth consideration of Kunta X's character (or lack of thereof). Additionally, I'm pretty sure you can't change the standard jumpsuit/uniform in Nanotrasen unless you're a visitor.
  8. I haven't interacted much with Al-Bastaki and had few interactions with Hawkins, yet they seem both incredibly well done and incredibly believable. Observing them work or simply interact with others is always a treat, too. However, I can't give an in-depth feedback since I haven't interacted with either of them in a deeper level, but they're both impressive and super developed from what I've witnessed. And I have to admit that it sometimes feels like an honor to get to RP with Hawkins (even briefly), mostly due from the respect I've seen other players have towards him. They're definitely models that I hope to achieve with my own characters.
  9. I wish I could interact more with Kee, I've heard of delightful things about the KiiKee cooks, and I really wish I could interact with them more. And despite my brief interactions with Zed, I really wish to work with him more in Medical. He seems sensible, competent and an excellent co-worker and Surgeon to have. Sometimes I wonder how Zed would interact with Kzon if the two were ever to meet. I can't say I remember interacting with Butterfill much (besides the usual xenobiogist treatment and procedures). Overall, my post is lacking since I haven't interacted with any of your characters as deeply, but I'm fairly sure they seem to be great.
  10. Summary: The current Virology system is pretty good, but I feel like it could be better. Things such as more symptoms, a new virus, and how being bitten by wild space animals can make your day even worse without proper desinfection. More Symptoms Why More Symptoms? More symptoms means more variety for the virus generated, being able to be a true mixed bag of what's going to happen. Those offers a bigger risk with more Stage 3/4 viruses, which would make a Virologist's presence more required during rounds. I've considered most of the symptoms suggested careful to maintain a HRP atmosphere, some based off of other real virus symptoms while others would be interesting to see RP'd. More Beneficial Symptoms since we currently have 3 beneficial symptoms (Adrenaline Extra, Telepathy Syndrome, a gamble with Chemical Synthesis) out of 37 harmful symptoms. There are some rare viruses which can be beneficial when applied correctly. ===== A New Way of Telling Temperature. Help Intent + Passive Grab + Head = Checking temperature (Their skin temperature is normal. Their skin feels warm. Their skin feels hot, sweating bullets. Their skin feels unnaturally cold.) Why a new way of telling temperature? Sometimes there's just no Health Analyzer or Body Scanner nearby, and we have to make do with the old way of doing things. Adds another layer of Realism --- Increases the chance of the Strength to be mutated. As of now, getting any Strength mutations feels like trying to grasp upon smoke. Sometimes it can take nearly the entire round to get a Strength mutation. Which it isn't really fun. --- A stronger Anti-Microbial (Phorozolid) Why a New Anti-Microbial? Phorozolid comes from Linezolid + Phoron, the "Last Resort" antibacterial there is. While Spaceacillin as a general catch-all is good, there's just some occasions where the most commonly used medicine isn't enough. The "Hyper Resistant" symptom would also force people to not keep using the same dang anti-microbial and not expect the virus to grow resistant to it. Adds a bit more variety for the anti-microbial category The recipe/overdose mark could be re-balanced, but that's the general idea for a "Last Resort" anti-microbial. --- A more riskier alternative of Mutating the viruses. (Diseatomal) (Please help come up with a better name for this) Why another way of Mutating Viruses? Here's how the current way of mutating viruses work: Fill the Radiation Bar. Turn the Pathogenic Incubator On. Wait until you heard a Ding. Unstable Mutagen being injected directly into a living host doesn't seem to make it work, either. It's a faster, but riskier method to get work done and be able to experiment more with the other aspects and variables of the viruses The drawback could be made even more severe, with 15% Destruction instead of a mere 5%. It should be a gamble for the Virologist. --- Spaceacillin Nerf. Why Nerf Spaceacillin? One of the main reasons would be to make sure to keep the Phorozolid and the Spaceacillin distinct The other reason is that viruses tend to also adapt to the most commonly used anti-microbial. To the point that some doctors have started to advise against general use of antibacterials for simple colds. --- Mouse bites have a chance to infect someone with something. (I know it was the fleas, but c'mon) Why do you hate mice?Why make mice do that? Mouse are pests and carrier of diseases. This would motivate to not keep random Space Rats as pets. Would make people take them more seriously in regard of sanitation. --- Tindalos/Diyaabs/Space Bats have a chance to infect with Rabies. Why Rabies? They're wild space alien animals who can also transmit diseases. It would make people actually try to seek medical attention or clean their wounds more than simply shrugging it off. It would add another thing to be considered before trying to rambo a hostile wild animal. --- Tindalos/Diyaabs/Spacebats/Carp have a chance to give a Level 1 Infection to a limb bitten. Why random Level 1 Infections to bites? I don't think wild space fauna's mouths are particularly hygienic. There's a reason people constantly tell to wash/disinfect your wounds after being bitten by an animal. It was based after the hear-say of the Komodo Dragon bites, even though it was proved that Komodo Dragons do have a bit of venom themselves. ===== A New Virus --- Bonus "Ow Code Hell" round. ===== Too Long; Didn't Read. This Improvement threat suggests more Symptoms for Variety and Realism. Two New Chemicals (a stronger new Anti-Microbial with plenty of costs, and a new method of Mutating Viruses that could be a gamble). New aspects to consider Before Fighting Wild Space Fauna (infectious bites, the danger of Rabies) and Mice Are Pests and Not Your Friends. Why? Because it feels like Virology (at the moment) feels rather basic and without much interaction/weight for rounds. This improvement could breathe a bit more life to it.
  11. Thank you so much for the feedback. I admit I ended up hesitating in the backstory, trying to keep it at 2/3 paragraphs that was still compelling to read without a block of information. I have edited the backstory section to contain the more detailed version, as well as adapting the 2/3 paragraph version with clearer information.
  12. BYOND Key: Vrow Character Names: (From Most to Least played) Lawrence Powers, Verdigris, SAAI, Elena Remei, Porter Cowart, Sebastian Carter, Zachariah Rogers, Hayden Faustian, Victor Wall. Species you are applying to play: Skrell. What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Pale Green. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, although I'm still not sure if the AUMS is supposed to be Aliose or Aloise. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race: After a throughout reading of their wiki page, Skrell fall under a very neat "Intelligent, Efficient, Logical" mindset I tend to adore in characters and the like. And I find very interesting their deeper emotional aspect and their difficulties of conveying it to non-skrell, as it's something I can relate a lot. The asexual aspect is another big factor which I can relate a bunch. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: While there's nothing much mechanically different, it's how they behave and their history in which they shine. Their logic-oriented mindset makes them actually stop and properly assess a situation instead of hastly jumping into action and/or conclusions, yet their pride seems to make them not consider the worst results (such as the Glorsh Rebellion, where they had not heed the warning before it was far too late). Plus, their efficient mindset making them drop and overlook parts of the Common syntax and appear as cold as they look, yet still being deeply emotional in their own language. The way they see other species almost as if they were children, another way their pride manifests as patronizing attitude but not out of maliciousness. Character Name: Woxyl Glunvek-Qwon Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs Born and grown in an underground facility in Aliose, 2392, Woxyl would live close by the medical laboratories with his fair share of health problems, fascinated and with an interest that would only deepen the older he got, as would his anguish the more he learned history and how he'd notice so many fellow colleagues, friends and family still suffering by the actions of synthetics. Woxyl would find balance in Qeblak through a friend, a star-bright earnest to help his kind along with the desire to climb among celestial bodies motivating him through his studies, work and roughest moments. He'd decide to focus on the chemical processes, the reactions and compounds of elements and how they could be used to heal and aid the ones hurt through medicines and the like, already born so close to the esteemed Aloise University of Medical Sciences, and he’d give back just as much as he managed to learn, working as a Pharmacist in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of AUMS. Even then, he'd be dissatisfied with himself and work harder towards a doctorate of medicine as chemistry could only go so far. With a MD, he would finally be able to help directly, while still capable of assisting in the chemistry development. His desire to create more medical compounds through elements still to be discovered would make him reach for the cosmos. And what better way to help the progress of medical chemistry other than working with the leader of all things phoron among the stars? [More detailed version below.] What do you like about this character? Woxyl's utter optimism and love for the future of his kind, his prose which leans heavily on Qeblak and astrological terms while his Tau Ceti is short and clipped. I'm not a hopeful or extroverted person by nature, but I do feel that Woxyl would be an interest change of pace. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10. I still have issues maintaining character and not powergaming, both of which I've been trying to work on. Notes: This is my first time making an application, and I apologize for any grammatical errors or incoherent sentences.
  13. BYOND Key: Vrow Game ID: bQ3-cbKh and Other Rounds. Most recent one being bRc-dk4l Player Byond Key: Morris - exe.cute Staff involved: This has not been ahelped. Reason for complaint: From all my previous interactions with Olive Edwards, at the very least, are concerning. A 30 Year old Surgeon who consistently forgets his Sterile Gloves and Sterile Mask during surgery and autopsies, and whose consistent behavior feels more like an unbelievable inconsiderate ass than a general human being, who more often than not states his boredom when there are nothing to do (while simultaneously not observing the Medical Console) when everyone’s healthy and appears to not react to pain at all. And that’s only my IC interactions with him. OOCly, it doesn’t get any better. In the Game ID, he’s mentioned he had worked as a Chemist once in an extended round, as if that made it canon that he (as a Surgeon) can perform Chemistry for all other rounds. (At around 00:30 into the round - https://i.imgur.com/bKBUlmj.png ). He also seems to completely disregard that a Paramedic cannot do Internal Organ Surgery from other rounds. (https://i.imgur.com/mNiNFnY.png ) In the most recent round, Morris doesn’t seem to react at all to the fact his lung has collapsed, and showed no reaction other than “no fuck you” to the IPC that was armed with an axe and shield, attempting to hit them with a cane several times and continuing even after being cut back. Morris doesn’t appear to give much consideration for RP, such as neglecting being in pain and ignoring/disregarding standard corporate procedures, unless it’s the literal last thing he can do (and even then, there's no regard for pain.) Overall, I don’t think that Morris plays with the Heavy RolePlay factor in mind, and I don’t think I’d have been this bothered by this sort of thing decreased over time, but it didn’t. This behavior is consistent to most (if not all) rounds I have played with him. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No, because I’ve shrugged off this behavior as a minor thing that would have, hopefully, decreased over time. Approximate Date/Time: bQ3-cbKh - 20.10.2017. bRc-dk4l - 30.10.2017. This behavior is consistent throughout rounds.
  14. I really, really enjoy the idea of having the Changeling to become a bit more like it's source of inspiration. True paranoia and the fear of not being able to trust anyone. The biggest concern I have about this is code-wise. While I have no idea how much work would these changes need, it does sound like backbreaking work. My other concern would be how the balancing would go. The crew in the original movie only had fire to protect themselves with, but what about a prestigious Phoron Research Facility? Wouldn't acid technically work as well since it'd be able to eat through the biomass? Would Phoron even be toxic to it? Overall, I really think it could be interesting to see a more The Thing-oriented changeling. Plus, what if they'd be able to spread faster if they have living bodies instead of simply waiting for carcasses? It might also help motivating into not killing their victims as much. (I mean, it'd be sort of hard to overtake a cell that isn't alive)
  15. To be honest, I wouldn't feel comfortable with Mika being a CMO. The reason being that considering all my interactions with her (as Patient, as Co-worker, as someone technically lower ranking than her), I've gotten this impression that Mika's behavior and characterization are erratic and inconsistent. Sometimes it feels like I'm seeing Jaeger, other times feels like I'm seeing a child, then there's times where I just don't flat out know how Mika is supposed to truly be in the first place. Another point that confuses me is the part where "[Mika] has very little motivation beyond keeping people happy and healthy." when, again, from my previous interactions with her, I've seen her wanting to not be bound to NanoTrasen anymore, to be viewed as something more human (and despising greatly being referred as Unit or Robot). This answer and my interactions with her do not seem to match. And I haven't felt like any interaction with her I've had implied her motivation to keep people happy, only healthy (and that could even be debated that it's only because she's bound to her job as a Medical Staff). Unfortunately, I'm going to go with -1. There's an overall feeling about Mika that makes me extremely uneasy.
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