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  1. climax708

    Minor Mapping suggestions [!]

    Add a lamp in psychology. It's too dark when the windows are tinted.
  2. Please revise your dismissal, I have opened a new pull request that deals exactly with this issue.
  3. Aurora is criminally underprepared for fires. Elevators are sub-optimal in case of fire. Lets fix it! Make ladders a viable option for everyone to use. Approach #1: Replace one of the elevators with stairs Approach #2: Give everyone access to existing ladder (Pull Request) Approach #3: Add fire ladders in a central position (Pull Request) Which approach should we take?
  4. climax708

    What exactly happened to the original Aurora?

    Typhoon outbreak, anyone?
  5. It's all sorts of messed up on my phone running a recent version of Chrome. It might be possible by embedding or injecting and overriding CSS that changes the layout under a certain window width.
  6. climax708

    Soy based coffee mixes

    Following the successful merge of the espresso system and alternative 'Barista' title for the bartender, It's a natural progression to add more recipes. There are various espresso mixes in the game (see wiki). Lets add some Soy based drinks in addition to milk based! Bonus round: Give the new drinks a Skrell theme (please vote yay or nay).
  7. climax708

    Drug interactions and side-effects

    I think that one way to solve this is to reduce the effectiveness of medicine the more medicine someone has in them. So you won't make a "triage pill" that fixes all damage types, because then it would be super ineffective. Would still make you consider "Do I inject him with this as well, or not?".
  8. Make a list of required changes and I'll uodate the wiki. I'm clueless about genetics myself.
  9. climax708

    Community Feedback: Antagonists

    Perhaps the issue is that the ling is too sandboxy & free-form? If you give them an IC purpose (succ the HoP!) that they have to work towards, it may limit the ammount of succed bystanders "just because they can". They can succ people to work their way towards the target, but the goal becomes the target, not the succing. Also creates an incentive to be discreet, adding to the rounds paranoia. Also, IMHO all ling rounds should be solo ling. It will help the antag craft a cohesive conflict, as opposed to the current whackamole. A completely different idea for ling: Instead of killing the succed taking them out of the round, add them as the lings imaginary friend. 1. The ling now absorbs the memory of the succed (converse with the imaginary friends). 2. The victims are not taken out of the round, and are given a unique way to interact and roleplay with the antagonist.
  10. Something like that was already suggested. Here are links: https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=10300&p=92151#p92151 https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=10301&p=92152#p92152 There's a good reason to keep some nitrogen in the engine room, and that is emergency cooling. Nitrogen is traditionally used for that.
  11. climax708

    NursieKittie gimmick complaint

    Was it the same round I pitched the idea of S.T.A.L.K.E.R themed cult, or a different one? If it's the former then I may be able to contribute.
  12. I rofled. I think it's a cute idea, but the limited roleplay benefits this would give can be easily achieved with existing game mechanics. What's the benefit of adding new ones specifically for this?
  13. climax708

    [2 Dismissal] Cadet alt-title

    IMHO it's a good idea + a adds flavour and immersion. Also should be trivial to implement, so I see no reason not to do it.
  14. Chefs can already make pet-food-like things in the cereal maker. IMHO it's a policy issue. Heads of staff simply don't care.